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    AMSAI and AMJAS MGQ Las Pinas City Nursery and Kindergarten in Manila, Philippines A Beautiful Story By Amelia Arsenal Background I have always felt that the Living Quarters of the late Shrii P. R. Sarkar in Manila, Philippines should be home to activities that reflect …

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  • The-Soft-Side-Alternative-in-Neohumanist-Schools

    The “Soft Side” Based Alternative:

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  • Hong Kong and Nairobi Sector – Mongolia Taiwan and Kenya

    GLOBAL NEWS HONG KONG SECTOR   Mongolia The Lotus Children’s Home has moved to a new 10 hectares compound in Gatchord, which now houses also a primary school for the children. Taiwan By Rudramohan So glad to share with you some of the news from …

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  • Delhi Sector – India

    GLOBAL NEWS DELHI SECTOR Bhagalpur, India By Dada Krpamayananda In June students from Bhagalpur Polytechnic College, Marwadi College, TN D College, and Sabore College attended a lecture on how to develop a photogenic memory. More than 50 students attended this lecture. Many students showed further …

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  • Introducing NHE Curriculum at the Gurukula Vidya’piitha

    Transforming the Culture of a High School the Neohumanist Way Introducing NHE Curriculum at the Gurukula Vidya’piitha, Hazipur, India By Ac. Kishan Sood Gurukul Vidyapiitha is located in Hazipur in the Vaeshali district of Bihar, India, across the Ganges about 30 kilometers east of Patna. …

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    HONG KONG SECTOR NHE was presented as a viable alternative at an educational conference that was held at the National Institute of Education in Taiwan alongside other educational NGO’s and was positively received.  

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    Ananda Marga School Tiljala, Kolkata, India   Kolkata being a metropolitan city, quality education is quite expensive. A school run by Didis (sisters or nuns) in Tiljala, that is attached to the WWD (Women’s Welfare Department) Head Office has been serving medium income and lower …

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  • News from Taiwan

    HONG KONG SECTOR News from Taiwan

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  • Let a Thousand Sunflowers Bloom By Acintya Edwin Aguilar

    Let a Thousand Sunflowers Bloom By Acintya Edwin Aguilar “We are very excited about the construction of the Children’s Ecological Garden”, Nitya Prema Morales said, while presenting the general design and business plan of the projected mini ecosystem. The park’s lay out, which shows a …

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  • Adruta Children’s Home Bhuvaneswar, Orissa, India

    Adruta Children’s Home Bhuvaneswar, Orissa, India Dr. Aditya Mohanty, professor of philosophy at Utkal University, Orissa and his graduate students, founded RAWA Academy and established several children’s homes collectively called Adruta Children’s Home, providing homes for a total of 400 children. Besides the children’s home …

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