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    GLOBAL NEWS BERLIN SECTOR CNS Sweden CNS-Sweden staff led by Madhava, Amala and Anadi in Stockholm organized a two week spiritual intensive in Ydrefors. The program included tight schedule of meditations, yoga exercises, 20 minutes kaoshikii, Prabhat Samgiita classes topped by interesting philosophy class by …

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    GLOBAL NEWS BERLIN SECTOR Italy – The Balyayoga® approach- Yoga for Children Recently affiliated with Gurukula, Balyayoga® yoga for children is a new methodology of teaching yoga to little ones. Having been inspired by Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s Neohumanistic philosophy, Gianni Zollo and Dr. Barbara Ladisa …

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  • Berlin Sector – Iceland, Qahira Sector – Egypt & Suva Sector – Australia

    GLOBAL NEWS BERLIN SECTOR Reykjavik, Iceland Laikskolinn Saelukot Didi Ananda Kaostubha, principal of Laiskolinn Saelukot, applied to get permission for 62 kids in our extended building, but city allowed them to take 72 kids. The Parent’s Committee decided to have a school uniform therefore now …

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    GLOBAL NEWS BERLIN SECTOR Sælukot, Kindergarten from a parent at the school I want to tell you about an incident that occurred last fall. One evening my son did not at all want to go to sleep and refused to be put into bed. Having …

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    GLOBAL NEWS   BERLIN SECTOR Stockholm, Sweden Dada speaks at the Bliss Cafe in Stockholm Copenhagen, Denmark A Teacher Training Seminar was held at the Sunrise School in August on NHE and the Role of Teachers. 12 teachers attended. Classes were given by Malati and …

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  • Berlin Sector Iceland Romania

    GLOBAL NEWS BERLIN SECTOR Reykjavik, Iceland At the end of last year, Dada Shambhushivananda visited the NHE school Leikskolinn Saelukotin. In existence since 1986 it is one of the first NHE schools in Europe. An extension of the school building is underway, and Dada participated …

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    GLOBAL NEWS BERLIN SECTOR Romania News Gradinita Rasarit Kindergarten Bucuresti Thanks to a revamped website (, our kindergarten is enjoying full enrollments and demand keeps on increasing, making us seriously consider opening up another location in the same part of the city. Parents have been …

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  • Qahira-Sector–Lebanon-Egypt

    GLOBAL NEWS QAHIRA SECTOR Lebanon (and Croatia) “My First Book” Contest news The contest in Croatia for children to write their own story book and illustrate it has brought this year 700 wonderful books. The contest in Croatia is in its 9th year. In Lebanon …

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  • Berlin-Sector–UK

    GLOBAL NEWS BERLIN SECTOR London, United Kingdom Sunrise School A parent’s experience of the Vegetarian Lunch on 16th March 2013 I always try to attend the Sunrise fundraising Vegetarian Lunch. A vegetarian lunch to fundraise for the school is a wonderful idea, it brings people …

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  • Berlin Sector – Finland

    GLOBAL NEWS BERLIN SECTOR Activities at Sunrise Kindergarten Espoo, Finland By Didi Ananda Krpa Nature Outings One of the things that I love about outdoor activity with the children is the forest walk. Our children are so lucky that we have this advantage because the …

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