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    GLOBAL NEWS NEW YORK SECTOR USA, Director of Progressive School of Long Island Receives Award In June, at the graduation ceremony of the Progressive School of Long Island, Eric Jacobson, director, was presented with a Citation from the New York State Assembly, signed by the …

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  • New York Sector

    GLOBAL NEWS NEW YORK SECTOR Ananda Girisuta Master Unit, Asheville, USA We have a new kitchen manager, Sydney, for the Prama Institute and Prama Wellness Center. She has just returned from over one month in Sangklaburi, Thailand, where she worked at our Baan Unrak children’s …

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  • New York Sector – USA & Manila Sector – Indonesia

    GLOBAL NEWS NEW YORK SECTOR New Lebanon, New York Neohumanist Institute A Neohumanist Center is being opened in New Lebanon, NY. The 6 acres for the project has been donated by Mr. Rishi Prashad to the Neohumanist Education Foundation which is registered in the State …

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  • AMGK Campus – Marshall NC, USA

    AMGK Campus USA by Dr. Sid Jordan Next to the Ananda Girisuta Master Unit near Asheville NC twenty-five acres have been donated to Ananda Marga Gurukula (AMGK) to develop a campus for teacher training and for the Neohumanist College. These programs are supported by the …

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  • Gobal News

    GLOBAL NEWS NEW YORK SECTOR USA, Boston With the loving efforts of Denis M Leary, Executive Director of Veterans Inc. and Mrs. Sue Sullivan, a great event was held on January 17, 2015 at Independence Hall in Shrewsbury, MA. Dada Shambhushivananda showed the relevance of …

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  • New York Sector USA

    GLOBAL NEWS NEW YORK SECTOR Asheville, North Carolina Prama Institute and Wellness Center We are moving into our second year of combining the conference and retreat activities of the Prama Institute and the Prama Wellness Center. The focus of both programs is experiential learning of …

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  • newyork-hongkong-sector

    GLOBAL NEWS   NEW YORK SECTOR California and Jamaica Sharing the Wealth The Kentucky Flat Community Preschool in California, USA, directed by Jen Norris, collected art supplies from the parents and teachers of the school to donate to a needy school in Jamaica. Jen made …

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  • casa-ilori

    CASA ILORI: Opportunities for Children La Carpio, Costa Rica By Maritza Ulate Under the Wisdom Tree Sir Ken Robinson once said that the problem with education nowadays is that we have a nineteenth century system taught by twentieth century teachers to twenty-first century students. In …

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  • PSOLI – Progressive School of Long Island

    NEW YORK SECTOR PSOLI – Progressive School of Long Island New York, USA   Welcoming speech delivered by Jarred Schwartz, student council president, to elementary students moving up to middle school…   Fellow students, I am here as ambassador of the middle school to introduce …

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  • Bluebird House

    Bluebird House Michigan, USA By Karen Haynes     Having a school in one’s home is simpler in many ways than having to manage a center in another building. There is one garden for home and school, the children can help with composting, caring for …

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