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  • 43-Rethinking-Education-for-Planetary-Futures

    Marcus Bussey presented on the conference theme Neohumanism: Rethinking Education for Planetary Futures Marcus Bussey University of the Sunshine Coast I will make the case in this paper that we have been living for a few decades now at a point in civilisational development which …

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  • Why Neohumanism?

    Why Neohumanism? By Dr. Marcus Bussey TABLE 1: Service at the Heart of the Curriculum Critical Spirituality Neohumanist Schools Overview of Service Domains In NH Schools Neohumanist Landscape Physical Interpersonal/ Collective Just Relationships Build NH Futures Holistic/ Systems Spiritual Critical Spiritual Task Identify deprivation of …

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  • 41 Knowledge and Goodness

    Knowledge and Goodness By Ac. Shambhushivananda Avadhuta In 1781, John and Elizabeth Phillips founded a school in NE United States called “Phillips Exeter Academy” on the twin principles of “knowledge” and “goodness”. In his words: “Goodness without knowledge is weak and feeble, yet, knowledge without …

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  • Education Based on Neohumanism and PROUT

    Education Based on Neohumanism and PROUT Applied in a Local Community School of Learning, Thailand Jareeporn Naksamrit, Ph.D. Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand Should educational administrators and educators apply theory in their schools? Educational administrators and educators must think about what society could be like, and how …

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  • The Application of Neohumanism to the Layers of a School

    The Application of Neohumanism to the Layers of a School Workshop Presented by Eric Jacobson in Caracas, Venezuela In making a better world, it is easier to build correctly from the outset, rather than tear down and rebuild—hence proper education of our young is the …

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  • What is Neohumanism and What is Neohumanist Education

    What is Neohumanism, and What is Neohumanist Education? By Eric Jacobson Presented at the NHE Conference, Caracas, Venezuela What is Neohumanism? If you can imagine two ideas and respond to eight questions, then the answer will become obvious. Shall we try it? These two imaginations …

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  • The Transformative Power of Neohumanist Education in Social Change

    The Transformative Power of Neohumanist Education in Social Change Presented at the Neohumanist Education Conference in Caracas, Venezuela by Dada Maheshvarananda 1. Why a revolutionary monk? I am a yogic monk who teaches meditation – and I am also a revolutionary. This may sound paradoxical …

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  • Neohumanist Education for Peace

    Neohumanist Education for Peace Keynote address at the international NHE Conference Caracas, Venezuela, April 2014 Dr. Shambhushivananda, Chancellor, AMGK University Looking back, about 8000 million years ago (mya), this Earth was only a blazing ball of fire; 4000 mya, it consisted of molten lava and …

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  • Relevance of Neohumanist Education

    Relevance of Neohumanist Education to the Current World Context By Didi Ananda Devapriya Within the context of the current global ecological crisis facing humanity, raising ecological awareness has an important role and must be cultivated. Ecological consciousness is based on a profound awareness of the …

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  • Applied Learning

    Gems of Neohumanism By Eric Jacobson In the process of applying the philosophy of Neohumanism to the education of a new generation, we discover that while the general public is likely unaware of the philosophy, certain facets of it are easily appreciated and strike a …

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