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  • Ilori-Educational-After-School-Project-Teacher-Training

    Ilori Educational After School Project Teacher Training San Jose, Costa Rica By Dr. Sid Jordan A one-day training for eight teachers and administrators from the Ilori Educational Project was conducted on Saturday September 24th at the WWD-F (Women’s Wellbeing and Development Foundation) Center near the …

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  • Teacher-Productivity-in-the-Early-Childhood-Classroom-for-3-5-year-olds

    Teacher Productivity in the Early Childhood Classroom for 3-5 year olds By MahaJyoti and Jonnah Glassman How can you have the most productive environment conducive to learning? How can your classroom run like a well-oiled machine? Do all students in your class know what to …

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  • 43-The-Importance-of-Advocating-for-Pro-diversity-and-the-Inclusion-of-all-Children-in-Romania

    The Importance of Advocating for Pro-diversity and the Inclusion of all Children in Romania Magda Zambet, Gradinita Rasarit Kindergarten Director Promoting inclusive education and an intercultural approach is an integral part of Neohumanist Education’s commitment to developing universal love and keeping the growing child’s mind …

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  • Personal Development of the Teacher – Holland

    Personal Development of the Teacher NHE Teacher Training at the Lotus Center, Den Bosch, Holland, February 12- 14 By Dr. Sid Jordan A three day teacher training was held for the teachers of Zonnelicht School in Den Bosch Holland in Febraury. It was conducted with …

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  • Education Training Camps – India

    Education Training Camps Anandanagar, India A five-day Education Training Camp was held at Anandanagar in May, 2016, hosted by Ac. Avanindrananda Avt. Ac. Svarupananda Avt. gave the inaugural speech and Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt., Kulapati , Ananda Marga Gurukula, gave a key note address on Neohumanist …

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  • NHE Seminars – Brazil

    NHE Seminars in Brazil Taraka Prema Popov from Switzerland travelled to many places in Brazil in February giving NHE Seminars and Workshops as well as a TV interview and University presentation. Here is an account of her journey and work. NHE Seminar at Ananda Dakshina …

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  • Knowledge is Bliss – NHE Teacher Training Paraguay

    Knowledge is Bliss: An Experience Report of Neohumanist Teacher Training at the Neohumanist Toledo Cañada School, Capiatá, Paraguay by Aniishá Domingues and Kevala Monteiro Education is a transformation process based on universal love. With this assumption, we began this experience report of the teacher training …

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  • NHE Teacher Training – Ghana

    NHE Teacher Training in Ghana Teaching some of the Foundations of NHE through Morning Circle, Arts, Creative Movement and Dance By Didi Ananda Gun’amaya We had a joyful one-day intensive teacher training at Lotus. The attendance included our teachers from Lotus Children Center, one teacher …

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  • NHE Teacher Training – Mexico- Iceland

    NHE Training At New School in Mexico Including the principal of a secondary school in Puebla, Mexico, a total of 15 people received one day training in Neohumanist Education. Didi Ananda Mamata, who had just arrived from Guatemala conducted the training. Nora, the principal of …

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  • Education Training – India (ETC) & Ghana

    Education Training Camps (ETC) India Anandanagar Dada Svarupananda inaugurated the ETC and stressed the need to create good sentient habits among children and gave many live examples of persons who graduated from our schools and are now holding high-ranking positions in society and holding the …

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