The three pillars of Ánanda Márga Gurukula are Tantra, Neohumanism and Prout, for physical, mental and spiritual development.


Being deeply rooted in the indigenous experience of reality Tantra has a broad metaphysical base which allows for ways of knowing, feeling and processing that go far beyond the limited rationality that informs the Western Enlightenment project. Priorities are different as Shrii Shrii Ánandamurti notes because “spiritual life controls all other arenas of human life.”  Read More


Simple ideas are often the most powerful. This is certainly the case with Neohumanism. Rooted in the ancient yogic perception that all existence is bound together, that we are all interconnected, Neohumanism transcends a limited and deeply wounded humanism with an holistic reconceptualisation of what it is to be human. Read More


Prout is the acronym for the Progressive Utilisation Theory, a new socio-economic model based on self-reliance of each region, cooperatives, environmental balance and universal spiritual values. Read More