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Foundations of Neohumanist Education

Philosophy, Principles, Practice

By Avadhutika Anandarama and Arete Brim

This publication fills a long-felt void by bringing together Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar’s seminal ideas on education in a coherent introductory book. Avadhutika Ananda Rama and Arete Brim have both been dedicated and passionate coordinators of neohumanist education movement for over a decade and their love for the ideals becomes alive in the this book. This book is written especially for aspiring directors and head teachers of Neohumanist Education. It includes the basics of NHE philosophy, principles and practice (child development, teaching methods, curriculum, learning environment and more).


Softcover, 125 pages, fully illustrated, US $20

I Love Yoga

Edited by Didi Ananda Rama

This beautiful book contains a vast and varied collection of yoga poses especially adapted for children. Each posture is fully described and photographed to make it easy to teach and share yoga with children of all ages. This book also contains other useful sections including: Yoga Principles, Benefits of Yoga for Children, Science of Yoga, Yoga Methodology for the Developing Child, Breathing Exercises, Creativity in Yoga, Yoga Stories and Yoga Lifestyle Tips. All the suggested yoga activities are well tested in our classrooms. Mary Jane Glassman director of Morning Star Kindergarten in Denver, USA who is also a certified yoga instructor with experience teaching adults and children provided most of the text for the yoga poses


Softcover, 64 pages, fully illustrated, US $15

The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea

by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

72 pages with full colour illustrations by Bhaskar

The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea, by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, is a masterpiece of responsible modern children’s literature. In every sentence of this fairy tale there is a wonderful attractive power – a crystalline simplicity and an open-heartedness. Through the storyline the author conveys to the child how life should be lived with purity and straight-forwardness.

The fairy tale is child-focused from start to finish. The story itself starts with the children’s keen sensitivity to nature alerting them that something was not right. The wise king has the ability to listen and respond to the children’s grievances with decisive steps and thus the children are empowered and given due respect. Throughout the story the human children, along with the animal children, remain loyal to the noble hero.

The role of simple poor people is given prominence by attributing magical powers to them that are used in the service of a good cause. The story introduces the real world of exploitative rulers and the peoples’ uprising in response, all the time maintaining the charm and fascination of the fairy tale.

The female role in the story is portrayed by the fairy who is magical, virtuous, innocent and spiritual in her unique lifestyle in her own realm. Her lapse is mended with the help of the hero and without guilt she asserts her inner strength and thus becomes part of the happy ending of the story.

Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar is a celebrated author of voluminous writings on a wide range of topics including some examples of good children’s literature. His writings are revolutionary and refreshingly dynamic, setting a new trend of benevolent thought and psychology in all realms of human cultural life from the crude to the subtle and spiritually beautiful.


Hardcover, 68 pages, fully illustrated, US $20

Neohumanist Educational Futures

Edited by Sohail Inayatullah, Marcus Bussey and Ivana Milojevic

Neohumanist Educational Futures breaks new ground by linking neohumanism with pedagogy and futures thinking. Inayatullah, Bussey and Milojevic, all educators, theorize the ethics of inclusion and exclusion; situate neohumanism in Tantric and transcultural futures; map out issues in neohumanist pedagogy (including education for world futures; from information to wisdom; social cohesion in South Africa; speciesism and vegetarian pedagogy in Sweden; alternative indicators for neohumanism; integrated intelligence, peace and non-violence, partnership education; and the politics of historiography) and provide case studies of neohumanist educational practice.


Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government

by Dhanjoo N Ghista

In developing an enlightened socio-economic-political environment, this book provides a new socio-economic-political system based on (i) Collective Capitalism (CCP) of cooperatively managed institutions and enterprises, and (ii) a Civilian Democracy (CDM) sans political parties, whereby the most qualified representatives of all the functional sectors of the community get elected to the local legislature. It also specifies a new economic-political structure in the form of autonomous functionally-sustainable communities (FSCs), within regional economic zones (REZs) and self-reliant regional unions (SRUs, such as the EU). This system of FSCs, REZs and SRUs will come under the aegis of (and collectively represented by) a World government, over-seeing the development of a comprehensive charter of human rights and social justice for all the people of the world. The neohumanistic integrated system of CCP and CDM, to be implemented within FSCs, will provide grass-roots socio-economic-political empowerment, contrary to the system of centralized economic and political governance.

This book serves as a valuable teaching, learning, knowledge and research resource for (i) a holistic approach to a sustainable living environment promoting collective welfare, and (ii) a multi-stage road-map towards a world government system for unification of all the communities of the world into one global cooperative. The combined system of socio-economic democracy (involving knowledge and conscientious governance executives elected by and directly representing the various functional sectors of FSCs) and world government will help transform the current undignified north-south socioeconomic order into a democratic and equitable globalization order, for collective social security towards achieving sustainable local and global peace.



Other AMGK / NHE Publications


Essays on Sustainability and Transformation

Understanding PROUT Volume 1

Edited by Jake Karlyle and Michael Towsey

A 260 page paperback has been published by Proutist Universal, Australia. Volume 1 contains four excellent essays on various aspects of Prout, written by two associates at Prout College.

The Biospychology of Cooperation by Michael Towsey starts by reviewing the history of the cooperative movement then contrasts cooperation with capitalism and communism. The final part explores various aspects of cooperation, including the theory and science of cooperation, the concept of progress, egalitarianism, and the future of cooperation. The essay is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand cooperation from an ethical, social and cultural perspective.

Education for Liberation by Marcus Bussey begins with the paradox of a modern education then introduces the philosophy of Neohumanism as the essential ingredient of an education for cooperation and liberation. Much of the essay focuses on the relationship between Prout and Neohumanism, exploring in particular the educational implications of the Five Fundamental Principles of Prout and the concept of sadvipra, the ideal for a Proutistic education.

The Three-Tier Enterprise System by Michael Towsey introduces cooperatives from the traditional economic perspective and compares them with the more usual private and public enterprises. The essay then moves on to expand our understanding of the cooperative sector and to explore the governance and regulatory issues that are likely to arise in a cooperative economy. The essay provides new insight into how best to structure the enterprise system in a modern economy.

Water and Land Management by Michael Towsey argues that a cooperative global society cannot be achieved without due attention to the local economy and the local economy depends first and foremost on water and land management. Whereas 20th century water policy focused on hydraulic engineering, so the 21st century approach will be about ecosystem management and biotechnology. The essay clearly sets out the fundamentals necessary for localised planning.

The book first appeared in electronic format in 2009 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Prout.

ORDERING: The book is distributed by the Prout Institute of Australia (PIA) and can be ordered through the PIA website
For sales enquiries and payment via Paypal, email: <>.

Eternal Philosophy: Questions and Answers

By Dr. Shambhushivananda

In this small booklet, Dr. Shambhushivananda shares a modern perspective, in a nutshell, on eternal philosophical queries that have faced humankind since its inception.


Honey Bee and Red Lotus

Honey Bee and Red Lotus

a story book for small children

Retold by Ananda Rama and Illustrated by Ananda Carushila

“This touching, beautifully illustrated tale of Honey Bee’s search for a special gift will appeal to a young child’s innate love of nature and depthful generosity to others.”
— Ruai Gregory, MA, instructor, Early Childhood Education.


Front Cover Back Cover

MV+ and the Golden Chamber

by Jesse Seanach

An adventure – mystery book for children and youth introducing the concept of microvita. Now available in paperback.

“On the surface it looks like MV+ is a story about children and written for children, but the author has skillfully and seamlessly integrated advanced metaphysical and social ideas into a gripping narrative that has power to enlighten and inspire idealistic people of all ages.” — Dada Vedaprajinananda



Neohumanist Education

A Documentation on NHE Schools Around the World

Edited by Didi Ananda Rama

This full sized 100 page book provides a colorful picture of the Neohumanist Education system world wide, with over 40 articles and 260 pictures from NHE schools around the world. The articles are written by teachers working in the schools, giving a first hand look into the NHE classroom.

“What is compelling about this collection of essays and anecdotes is that they are written by practitioners in the field, who are both deeply committed teachers from a variety of cultures and practicing Yogis. The wisdom and practical ideas thus generated in these pages come from intellectual analysis, practical experience, diverse outlooks, and spiritually informed intuition. Many theorists in the field of education believe that it is this combination of analysis, experience, perspective, and intuition that is the most solid basis for developing good theory.”
-Kathleen Kesson, Director of the Teacher Education Program at Goddard College


NHE Summit 2006

“Directing an NHE School”

by Eric Jacobsen

“Directing an NHE School” – Eric Jacobson, the director of PSOLI (Progressive School of Long Island) presented from his experience of developing and directing an NHE school for 21 years, focusing on implementing Neohumanism in all aspects of the school. With his effective practical methods he fascinated and inspired all the participants.
2 DVDs with 4 parts Total Time approx. 3h 40min


DVD Set of AMAYE Summer Conference in 2007

Yoga in the light of various aspects

The highly educational presentations of the AMAYE Summer Conference have been captured on DVD and are available as a set of seven DVDs. A must for all Yoga Teachers.

1. Yoga History and RRY (Rajadhiraja Yoga) in light of other philosophies and traditions2. Yoga in Light of Modern Medicine3. Emotion and Cakras / Asanas and Yoga Anatomy4. Spiritual Psycho-Therapy5. Role of Shukras in Asanas6. Yoga Animation: How to make a yoga class joyful7. Yoga Therapy

Front Cover

 A Song in My Heart

Song Book and Music CDs!

From Sunrise International Preschool in Copenhagen
A beautiful collection of Neohumanist songs for circle time… and any time!
The package includes one booklet and 2 CDs.
The book contains 55 songs, including “sunny songs”, “classic kids songs”, “sharing songs” and “love grows” songs. It comes with guitar chords too so that you can enjoy playing and singing along together!

ORDERING: Contact Didi Ananda Ragamaya:

CD Cover

Joyful Things

A Celebration of Children’s Spiritual Songs

Produced by Kamala Alister

The children at the Ananda Marga River School in Maleny, Australia sing all the time. From all-school Morning Circle with over 100 children each Monday morning, to Quiet Time each day in the classrooms, the school is always full of music. Over nearly a decade we have gathered an amazing collection of Neohumanist children’s songs – and we want to share them with everyone. So we are producing a professional CD of songs that includes 70 of the children’s voices, top musicians and some of our most favourite songs. They include many originals such as the title track Joyful Things (written by the Little Family class when they were studying the virtue, “Joy”), originals such as “Friends” by Dada Ratnadevananda, “Children of the Crystal River”, “God Shining” (the Yama and Niyama Song) “Precious Child” by Kamala, and “Spread the Love Around” by Mukti Haigh, as well many rounds such as “Trees, Trees” and “The River is Flowing” and many other beautiful songs such as “I Walk in Peace”, “Lift Our Hearts”, and more !

The album is a fundraiser for the school. 100% of the income from the CDs sold by the school will go towards the school music program. Income from sales through the AM network around the world will (hopefully!) pay for recording and duplicating the album.


Circle of Love poster

Circle of Love Poster

This beautiful full color poster measures approx 20 X 30 inches.


Kids Yoga Poster Kids Yoga Poster

Kid’s Yoga Posters

Arunima in Taipei has printed the sequel to Yoga Kids Poster and she is working on the third one. She is also hoping to make “animals in meditation” poster to inspire kids. These brightly coloured posters are made in Taiwan. Each one measures approximately 20 x 30 inches

Puppets and Dolls from Peru

Several years ago Didi Anandamuktivrata started a crafts collective which is made up of women who are deaf, in Paraiso Alto, Peru. These women make finger puppets and ethnic Peruvian dolls. Both the finger puppets and the ethnic dolls are great for the classroom.


Front Cover

The Fairy’s Flowers

A Neohumanist Children’s Book

The Fairy’s Flowers is inspired by the ten moral principles of Yama and Niyama as elaborated by Shrii P. R Sarkar in his book Guide to Human Conduct. Each concept is delightfully interwoven into the adventure of Jonathan who sets out to meet the fairy in the forest. The Fairy’s Flowers is a 32 page full colour glossy book with soft cover printed in India.


CD Cover

The Fairy’s Flowers – CD

A Neohumanist Story and Songs CD

This subtle work is based on a blending of storytelling and song. The Fairy’s Flowers story is simply narrated. Phrases are sung throughout using the lyre, Indian bells, guitar, harmonies and counter voices. 14 celestial songs satisfy the young child’s need for repetition.
Narration and songs produced and performed by Anjali (Angela Silva-Natarajan)
Story by Mukti Hava Bauman, Adapted by Didi Anandarama
Published by AMGK.