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safe_and_sound_total1-page-1Safe and Sound

A Neohumanistic system of puppet stories to aid communication, self-esteem, ethical attitudes and personal safety. Each puppet has a distinct and consistent role. One is the learner. Another represents ignorance and thoughtlessness. Another puppet is the twinge of conscience. Lastly is the wise puppet that offers the cause and effect of the learner’s actions. As the children are introduced to each story, they begin to translate these same roles in real life.

draw-the-sun-page-1I Can Draw the Sun

A system of storytelling that incorporates drawing to motivate children in their early writing efforts. In one story, children may fly with a balloon to save an injured fairy. Afterward, the children draw the balloon. As drawing a balloon resembles the letters O, P, and Q, children are practicing these skills in a meaningful and fun way. By using this system of storytelling with drawing children accelerate in their writing, storytelling, and drawing.



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Thoughts for a New Era
by Acharya Shambhushivananda

Neohumanism was presented as an alternative paradigm in 1982 by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar for the “liberation of human intellect.” Acharya Shambhushivananda has been the spokesperson for the Neohumanist Education movement for the past few decades. As one of the closest students of Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar and as the Chancellor of Ananda Marga Gurukula, the global Neohumanist Education network, he has carried the message of Neohumanism to scores of countries around the globe. Acaryaji’s elaboration of Neohumanism expresses a deep vision and a viable alternative for today’s world. This compendium is a small sample of his thoughts on diverse subjects and a window into the thoughts of Shrii Sarkar.

Price: US$ 10.00


Teach Me to Fly
by Nancy Niiti Gannon

Teach Me To Fly contains exciting ideas regarding early childhood education inspired by Shrii PR Sarkar and offers a provocative discussion of early childhood education from a spiritual angle.

Price: US$ 10.00


Didi’s Children’s Stories
by Didi Ananda Rama

These nine beautifully illustrated stories are perfect for conveying moral lessons to children of all ages:

storiesAstra and the Lion
The Children’s Garden
The Cracked Diamond (take a look at this one as a sample by clicking on the link)
The Flower Seekers
The Ghost Thief
The King and His Four Daughters
Selling the Sun


storiesThey all come in a zipped file, instantly accessible on purchase, each ebook with high-resolution text and images for printing out for the classroom or playroom.

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The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea
by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

glbsIn this beautifully illustrated fairy tale, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar explores questions of morality and collective wellbeing on the journey to spiritual enlightenment with a lyrical beauty and simplicity found only in the world’s greatest story-tellers. Here the natural inclination towards service and altruism in children is given full voice.

Price: US$ 15.00




Head in the Stars, Feet on the Ground
by Anandanivedita Avdk.

headinstarsThis book, based on yoga psychology, offers a blending of Eastern psychological insight with practical Western exercises to catalyse personal development towards greater self-knowledge, peace and strength.

Price: US$ 5.00