Yoga and Intuitional Science

DVD Set of AMAYE Summer Conference in 2007

Yoga in the Light of Various Aspects

The highly educational presentations of the AMAYE Summer Conference have been captured on DVD and are available as a set of seven DVDs. A must for all Yoga Teachers.

1. Yoga History and RRY (Rajadhiraja Yoga) in light of other philosophies and traditions
2. Yoga in Light of Modern Medicine
3. Emotion and Cakras / Asanas and Yoga Anatomy
4. Spiritual Psycho-Therapy
5. Role of Shukras in Asanas
6. Yoga Animation: How to make a yoga class joyful
7. Yoga Therapy

Eternal Philosophy: Questions and AnswerBy Dr. Shambhushivananda

In this small booklet, Dr. Shambhushivananda shares a modern perspective, in a nutshell, on eternal philosophical queries that have faced humankind since its inception.


Yoga Warm-ups
Yoga Warm-upsPrepare your body for subtle asanas
by Mita Chen and Kaomudi

Yoga warm-ups is a compilation of poses that comes with complete instructions to guide you through your exercise routine. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and strength.

Mita Chen with her wealth of knowledge and experiences as a yoga teacher has carefully selected and demonstrated the poses which are helpful for yoga aspirants. Kaomudi is a registered physiotherapist with the New Zealand Board of Physiotherapists.