Ecovillage Design Course – Vig, Denmark – Feb, June, Aug, Nov, 2014

This course is part one of a four part “EDE” (Ecovillage Design Education) course covering the worldview, social, ecological and economic aspects of ecovillage design. The course is spread over four separate weeks in February, June, August and November of 2014. Based on Gaia Education’s Ecovillage Design Curriculum the course brings together a talented team of trainers with a wide range of skills and experience.  The course is held at Ananda Gaorii organic farm and retreat center, itself a budding yoga-based community. Ananda Gaorii is situated in the midst of several other Danish ecovillages which will be visited and interacted with during the course.

Program Details, Location Details, Regiistration Details for Part One, February 22-28th

Ecovillage Design Workshop (EDE)



Full Course Outline

Social Design

  • Module 1: Building Community & Embracing DiversityEcovillage2
  • Module 2: The Art of Compassionate Communication
  • Module 3: Facilitation Skills: Decision Making & Conflict Resolution
  • Module 4: Personal Empowerment and Leadership skills
  • Module 5: Celebrating Life: Art and Creativity
  • Module 6: Local, Bioregional and Global Outreach

Economic Design

  • Module 1: Shifting the Global Economy to Sustainability
  • Module 2: Making Money our Servant rather than our Master
  • Module 3: Right Livelihood
  • Module 4: Social Enterprise
  • Module 5: Legal and Financial Issues

Ecologic Design

  • Module 1: Whole Systems Approach to Ecological Design
  • Module 2: Appropriate Technology: Water
  • Module 3: Organic Agriculture and Local Food
  • Module 4: Appropriate Technology: Energy
  • Module 5: Green Building & Retrofitting


  • Module 1: Holistic Worldview
  • Module 2: Listening to and Reconnecting with Nature
  • Module 3: Awakening & Transformation of Consciousness
  • Module 4: Personal Health, Planetary Health
  • Module 5: Socially Engaged Spirituality