About Faculties

Faculties of Ananda Marga Gurukula

The blueprint for Ánanda Márga Gurukula includes over fifty faculties spanning the arts and sciences: from fine arts, literature, languages and history to physics, biology, medicine and engineering. Non-traditional subject areas are also included, such as intuitional science, morality, astrophysics, astrology, biopsychology and parapsychology to name just a few. The all-round self-development of the student is fundamental across all areas of study. Both theoretical and applied study is included in all disciplines with a focus on the application of learning to contemporary problems facing society: political, economic, social, educational, environmental, psychological, etc.

Faculties that have been activated thus far:

Neohumanist Education
Yoga and Intuitional Science
Integrated Medicine
Socio-Economics (Prout)
Science of Microvita
Women’s Studies
Fine Arts