Microvita research can be done in physical, chemical, medical, medicinal and psychological laboratories. For microvita research, you will have to study human psychology thoroughly.

Why does microvita research need to be done in physical laboratories? Because atoms have two parts – the cruder part and the subtler part. Microvita also have two parts – the cruder part and the subtler part. So far atomic research has been done taking into account the cruder part of atoms. The subtler part of atoms has not been investigated. For research into the subtler part of atoms, psycho-spiritual practice is needed. When the cruder part of atoms could give energy for atom bombs, nuclear bombs, etc., much more can be achieved by exploring the subtler part of atoms. You will utilise the cruder part for the physical development of society, but many great things can be achieved by using the subtler part of atoms. This is yet to be seen. When research into the crude and the subtle part of atoms proceed together, then only will there be great benefit for the entire creation. The subtler part is closer to idea and the cruder part is closer to matter.

Considering that microvita are living entities, they have bodies, though their bodies are as subtle as idea. Research work in physical laboratories needs to be done on microvita because they are living entities. Then again, microvita bring spirit closer to matter. That which helps in the creation of life comes within the spiritual or supra-psychic urge, and as such research cannot be done on this aspect of microvita in physical laboratories.

Microvita exist in the world of ideas as well as in the crude world. That which exists purely in the world of ideas is beyond laboratory research, but in the latter case research can be done in physical, chemical and biological laboratories. Though this microvita research is to be done within the inner mind, inside idea, inside spirit, tests are to started in physical laboratories.

 Microvita are a happy blending of matter and idea. There is a silver lining made of the initial stage of matter and the final stage of microvita. Or in other words, between the final stage of microvita and the initial stage of matter there lies a silver lining.

 Shrii P.R. Sarkar
21 May 1989, Calcutta
Published in:

Microvitum in a Nutshell [a complilation]


Currently microvita research, workshops and seminars are taking place in various locales around the world.   A Microvita Institute has been started in Europe.  Microvita medicines are being produced in India.

Bulletin on Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine