Gurukula Network July 2019

Gurukula Network – July 2019 – Issue 48 is now available here

Educating for a Bright Future

“The human race is moving at an irresistible speed. Today, humanity wants to forget those who have written their works centering around various kinds of fissiparous discriminations. Human beings want to channelise their whole range of vision towards the bright future – a future which will transcend all individual or group interests, all territorial limits of countries and states, and transform the fates of many people into one destiny”. – Shrii PR Sarkar

“Humanity is now at the threshold of a new era. We do not want any dogma. The age of dogma is gone. What we want is an idea based on Neohumanism. We are for the entire created world; and not only for human beings or living beings, but for the entire animate and inanimate universe”- Shrii PR Sarkar

“This Neohumanism, only this Neohumanism, can save our universe, can save human existence. So now we are to sing the song of Neohumanism. We should [forget] all our omissional and commissional errors of the past. Forget the past. Be the [vanguard of] a bright future; and the crimson light of that future breaks on the eastern horizon. We should welcome it – we must welcome it. There is no alternative but to welcome it.” – Shrii PR Sarkar