About Higher Education


The Neohumanist Education network of tertiary programs affiliated to Ananda Marga Gurukula includes Colleges, Institutes, CNSs and a University in the making.

Centres for Neohumanist Studies

Centres for Neohumanist Studies are developing in Sweden, Croatia, USA, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, Holland and Haiti. The purpose of CNS is to engage in educational activities and social actions in order to liberate the intellect and further individual and collective welfare. These activities include public seminars and retreats, community research and development projects, personal growth services, and the dissemination of related publications and materials. All CNS programmes and activities support its core values of spiritual progress, social and economic justice, respect for all living and non-living beings, and community empowerment.

Prama-300x225Colleges and Institutes Affiliated to Ananda Marga Gurukula

These include a Degree College, a Music College in India, Institutes for Yoga and Institutional Science in Singapore and Argentina, and an Acupuncture Institute in India.


“…What are the marvels of civilisation if people are deprived of manifesting themselves, if they do not get any scope to build a good physique, to invigorate their intelligence with knowledge, and to broaden their hearts with love and compassion?” Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar