Higher Education in Europe


College for Neohumanist Studies
Ydrefors, Sweden

The College of Neohumanist Studies (CNS) has evolved out of Prashiksana Matha also popularly known as ” The International School of Social Service”  as a necessity to expand the existing curriculum of teachings in Yoga, and Intuitional Science. Prashiksana Matha was originally set up in 1976 to offer an opportunity to those who wanted to devote their lives to self-realization and social service. The college/training center is located in Ydrefors, Sweden in the tranquil natural surroundings of forests and lakes.



NERI  Neohumanist Education Research Institute

NERI aims to help advance the theory and practice of Neohumanist Education. NERI offers teacher education programmes for local and international students and supports international educational endeavors in needy places.



The Commedia School – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Commedia School is a 2 year actor training program founded by Ole Brekke and Carlo Mazzone in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 1978, each September, a new group of students from around the world have been attracted to Northern Europe’s oldest physical theater school (fysisk teaterskole) to develop themselves as performers.

Theater in Education
Courses in Using Theatre in Education have been given by The Commedia School since 1991. . Theatre in Education as a line of study is a part of the cooperative agreement between The Commedia School and The College of Neohumanist Studies in Sweden. Other cooperating institutions include Visao Futuro in Tatui, Brazil, and the Zonnenlicht Foundation in Den Bosch, Holland.

Microvita Research Institute

Aims of MRI:
Creation of momentum for Mv research
Identification of Mv research areas
Establishment of Mv research core groups
Preparation of international conferences
Publication of scientific papers
Production of Gurukula teaching materials


Prabhat Samgiita Academy – Ydrefors, Sweden

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Prabhat Samghiita, a Prabha Smaghiita Academy opened at CNS Sweden Campus and was inaugurated on September 14, 2007.


YOGIS Academy, Italy

The Academy of Yoga and Intuitive Sciences aims to provide practical tools and in-depth theoretical knowledge for self-realization and service to the universe.