Delhi Sector

Bhuvaneshavar, Orissa
An NHE workshop was given by Ac. Priyakrsnananda Av. at the Conference of Democratic Education in Orissa in December 2004. Dada was accompanied by Dada Anvayananda and Didi Ananda Kaoshikii, SWWS Delhi sector.

Ranchi Region
A new school building was constructed atAnanda Shiila. It has 6 rooms covering a total area of 4500 sq. ft. Sixty-five new students have been admitted to the school. A successful ETC (Education Training Camp) was organized at Ananda Shiila which was inaugurated by the Minister of Education of Jharkhand, Shri P.N. Singh. All of the local newspapers gave wide coverage to the Camp, including a 90 minute presentation of Ananda Shiila on a local cable TV channel.

In Loherdoga the school building construction is in full swing. An additional 40 new wards have been admitted to the school.

Seven new rooms have been constructed in our school in Daltonganj at a cost of 2 lakh. Three classrooms were repaired at our school at PO Saharaspal at a cost of Rs. 15,000. A new wall, new gate and electricity upgrading were also done.

A 1500 sq. ft. school building was constructed in Gwalior after two ministers of State raised Rs. 60,000 for the work. The DM of Gwalior donated a computer for our school.