Education Training Camp Bokaro, India

An ETC Camp was held in Bokaro in May 2005, in the outskirts of Anandanagar. Namdhariji , a well known social worker was the Chief Guest who said that he was impressed with Ananda Marga’s dedication to provide quality education to children. He said that he has discovered that Ananda Marga Education System is humanistic and practical. It provides a way to bring about genuine welfare of the people. A new STUVOL book prepared by Ananda Marga Gurukula NHE Faculty was released on the occasion. More than 300 teachers attended the Camp. The Camp was held at the Lions Club in Bokaro Steel City, 17 kms from Anandanagar. The Chief Guest said:

“Today’s leaders need the training that will make them swallow poisons and provide nectar to others. NHE shows the way towards transmutation of negativity into positivity”. On the occasion an ERAWS 2005 souvenir was also released. Ac. Dhruvananda Avt., Priyakrishnananda Avt.,Parmeshvarananda Avt.,Avadhutika AnandaJyotirekha, Ac. Anarvananda Avt., Ac.Yatiishvarananda Avt. were among those present at the Camp. Ac. Sudamshuji conducted the ETC ceremonies.