Kahira Sector

Athens, Greece 
By Didi Ananda Uttama
We’re in the beginning stages of starting a school here in Athens with preschoolers coming 3 mornings a week and a few after school yoga classes for older children. The 15 or so children are a mix of Greek and non-Greek so it’s a very international classroom. Vimala has been training to be the teacher and Lavanya, a long time sympathizer, has been working a lot with the mothers in areas of nutrition and communication and other parenting issues.

The Centre for Neohumanist Studies in Croatia completed a national contest for children and youth for writing and illustrating their own stories. See the full story in the centrefold of this issue.

Budapest, Hungary
Didi Ananda Rama gave a workshop entitled “Empowering Children Spiritually” at the Path of Peace Conference in Budapest in October, 2004. The conference was an inspiration of the first Soul in Education conference in Findhorn. Didi also taught yoga and meditation to those interested. In May, 2005 she gave a follow-up workshop on “Circle Time’ in Budapest, Hungary which was organised by SEAL (Society for Effective and Affective Learning). Didi introduced elements of Circle Time that can be practiced in normal school settings by teachers who are inspired to work on community building within the classroom or the school.