Kulapati’s Tour

At a fruit tree planting ceremony in Denmark Master Unit, Ananda Gaorii, with Amal from Norway and Amal from Long Island.
Meeting with Dr.Josie Gregory of University of Surrey in England.
Attending the Renaissance Cafe February monthly meeting. Participants included Tony Judge (Research Director of UIA Union of International Associations), Dr. Joseph Van Keuku (Director of Foundation for Innovative Leadership & Management Solutions), Nadia Mclearn, Environment Scientist & Renaissance Change Agent and Tim Bremmers of The European Institute for Law Enforcement Cooperation. Among topics discussed were Nature of Good & Evil; Value based Education & Social Transformation in Europe.
At NHE Teacher Training in Holland.
Malaysia / Thailand
Meeting with some survivors from Na’m Khem Village (Pangna /Ranong Province, Thailand) of the tsunami disaster. Dada Prema is coordinating efforts and also working with the local monks who are helping identify the most needy.
With the well-wishers of NH Movement– Editor (Elfi Seitz) of Pattaya Blatt and Khun Chainarin Srifuengfung, Managing Director of Horse Shoe Point.
Eating Thai rice with a dear 11 year old friend at Horse Shoe Point.
Lampang Rajabhat University spent 750,000 baht to carry out a research on the application of Neohumanist principles for student personality development. Here, Prof. Thipawarn Seedolrusamee presents a report of the study to Dr. Shambhushivananda which was carried out in 2004 and in which 2500 students practiced yoga as well as neohumanistechniques for selfdevelopment. On behalf of NH Foundation, Nuntaka Taweepkul of Lampang served as an advisor to the study.
Visit to Rakrook Nursery in Lampang, Thailand which is based on the principles of NHE.
Intensive seminar on NHE for Sangkhlaburi teachers following inauguration of the new school building.