Nairobi Sector

The school at Ejura has continued to develop. The number of students has reached 230, and more children come nearly every day. Dada Haranath and Dada Shiveshvarananda are running the school, with local staff. Overseas volunteer teachers continue to add a lot to the school and make it more popular locally. A boundary wall around the school has been constructed and a new building with three extra classrooms, is under construction.

Accra – Sorkor 
Didi Ananda Shanta runs a nursery school in the children’s home with 22 students. Volunteer teachers from overseas teach art every day to the children. The Children’s Library is popular with children in the locality.

Accra – Korle Gonno
Brother Pamkaj manages the jagrti nursery school with 70 children. The school has a separate classroom for art, where an overseas volunteer teacher is in charge. The school classroom needs renovation and they need more furniture.

Didi Ananda Shanta and Shankar are trying to start a model school in Kasua. Land has been bought and construction will start soon.

Ivory Coast
Abidjan – Yopogoun 
The school, after nearly 20 years of operation has 316 students and 15 staff and is running very well. The main struggle is for permanent authorization from the government. The staff is working hard to resolve this impasse.

Lome – Cacavelli
Dada Tapan is managing the nursery school at the master unit in Cacavelli at the outskirts of Lome. The school has 23 children now, and cannot grow more with the current limited facilities. The Ananda Marga members are trying to raise funds to install water and electricity and are looking for sponsors to help construct a school building with four classrooms.

Our projects including the Ananda Marga Academy-Nairobi were visited by the delegates to the conference in Kenya called Globalization for the Common Good, the Quest for Peace & Justice. Dada Vratadhiirananda was also one of the speakers in that 4 – day conference. The Ananda Marga Academy high school now has full registration from the Ministry of Education.