Neohumanist Education

At the 50 year anniversary of Ananda Marga and 15 year anniversary of Ananda Marga Gurukula, we are happy to be able to present to the world our global network of Neohumanist Education as a consolidated system of education, firmly based in its own philosophy and principles and dynamically evolving its pedagogy. Neohumanist Education is the underlying spirit of the entire Gurukula. Its ideals are to be infused in all faculties as the living spirit that inspires the character of the entire educational edifice of Gurukula itself. NHE is a distinct faculty of Gurukula responsible for disseminating Neohumanist Education into all faculties. At this time work of this faculty is concentrating on NHE in Early childhood, elementary and secondary schools.

NHE Early Childhood Diploma Programme
Under the NHE faculty, with input from many NHE educators around the world, we have now finished producing a course for Early Childhood which has been offered as a distance learning pilot programme for the past four years. At present 24 of our senior NHE educators are in the process of reviewing the completed course to ensure its global applicability and endorsement. The course will continue to be available as a distance learning programme for interested and qualified students. At this point in time the NHE Diploma Programme is an “in house” course. Applicants must minimally complete some spiritual life style training before signing up for the course and must be associated with an acarya who will give their recommendation. A tentative price of $1200 was set for the course, to be adjusted as needed. Those taking the course will be able to act as head teachers or directors of schools and be able to train other teachers working under them. This course will be a degree programme once Gurukula is registered as a degree-giving university. The course already has many students, some of whom are expected to complete the course this year. A graduation ceremony will be held at CNS in June 2006 as part of the NHE Seminar (see below).

NHE Teacher Training Programme for Elementary School

Work will soon begin on the NHE Diploma Programme for Elementary grades through consultation with our existing model elementary schools around the world.

Affiliation and Certification
As per Shrii PR Sarkar’s instructions, we are starting the process of certifying all NHE schools and Directors and affiliating the schools and institutions with AMGK. The process has begun with our model schools around the world. This effort will be expanded to include all NHE schools in the coming years. The process of affiliation of schools involves meeting the NHE Standards set by AMGK and the director certification includes successful completion of the NHE Diploma Programme or equivalent.

NHE Publications
In coordination with the work to begin on the NHE Diploma Programme for Elementary grades, AMGK is beginning a project to produce books related to the specialties of NHE in the areas of Astaunga Yoga, Ecology, PROUT for kids, STUVOL, etc. These will be by age group – Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, etc. Many of you have a wealth of material in these areas that you have created, assembled and successfully applied over the years, and we will be asking you to share this material either by contributing to the AMGK publications, or by producing your own publications that can be distributed by AMGK. Work on YES and STUVOL has already begun.

NHE – YES – Yoga in Schools 
See page 3, announcements, for an update on the YES manual for early childhood. Work on the manual for elementary level is beginning with Didi Anandarama and Kamaleshvara and we invite input from all our schools.

New STUVOL booklets for KG 1 and KG 2 have been prepared for Delhi sector with material mostly taken from Circle of Love. Work on elementary level will be next. See next page for more details on STUVOL.

NHE Educators Summit will be held June 6-16th 2006 in Sweden.
The programme will include an NHE Seminar, Graduation for those completing the Diploma Programme and an Ananda Marga Gurukula meeting. If you are interested to attend please contact: <