15 Years of Ananda Marga Gurukula

Last Prabhat Samgiita
Ámra gare nobo gurukul
Jináner áloke ráungiye dobo
Pratiti kunri phul
Keha ná thákibe dure
Bájábo pratiti tare
Bándhibo priitiri dore
E maniháre atul
Keha ná thákibe piche
Theli ná kare o niice
Sabe átmiya biráje
Mano májhe doduldul
We will establish Gurukul
We will dye each and every bud
with the light of knowledge
None will stay away
We will tune each and every heart
We will bind everybody with the thread of love
and create a garland of incomparable beauty
None will stay behind,
None will be thrown at the bottom
All will exist as kith and kin, with their minds full
of sweetness and tenderness for all
Ananda Marga Gurukula (AMGK) was founded on September 7, 1990 by philosopher and spiritual teacher Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar (1921-1990). The song in the sidebar is the last of 5018 songs that he composed inviting all to help to materialize this last vision of his. He declared the aim of AMGK to be: “To serve humanity with neohumanist spirit and to acquire knowledge for that purpose”

The functions of AMGK are as follows:

♦ AMGK serves as a higher educational body for all disciplines
♦ AMGK replaces the earlier Ananda Marga Board of Education and gives academic guidance for NHE schools managed by WWD and ERAWS
♦ AMGK sets standards for all NHE schools
♦ AMGK educates and certifies NHE teachers
♦ Affiliates all NHE schools to AMGK after meeting the standards set by AMGK

Some of the achievements in the first 15 years of AMGK♦ Higher Education Institutes at Anandanagar and Uma Nivas
♦ Centres for Neohumanist Studies (CNS) in Sweden, Croatia, USA, Taiwan and Italy
♦ 10 years of Gurukula Network newsletter
♦ General Standards for NHE schools written and distributed
♦ Neohumanist Education faculty offers two distance learning courses, the NHE Introductory Certificate Course and the NHE Early Childhood Diploma Programme.
♦ YES Program – Yoga Education in Schools – provides materials and offers seminars in astaunga yoga for children in the form of Circle Time and Quiet Time activities that include yoga as play, moral teaching, environmental studies, and a variety of STUVOL activities.
♦ NHE Publications has published several books and CDs. Many more in process.
♦ AMGK Volunteer Placement Program
♦ Process of affiliation of NHE schools and certification of teachers has started
Affiliated Schools
The process of affiliating all of Ananda Marga schools worldwide to AMGK has just begun. Four schools have thus far completed the process. Congratulations to all of them.
Ananda Marga Academy – Kenya
Principal: Avtk Ananda Giitika AcProgressive School of Long Island – USA
Director: Eric Jacobson
Morning Star Preschool – USA
Director: Mary Jane GlassmanSunrise Primary School – UK
Director: Meeta Lovage