Bio-Psychology Intensive Seminar, CNS Sweden

Conducted by Dr. Richard Maxwell
September 19-23, 2005

A Bio-psychology Intensive Seminar was conducted at CNS Sweden by Dr. Richard Maxwell from the USA . The 25 participants included six from Thailand and Norway . The overall goal of the seminar was to provide an understanding of basic physiology and to show that prevalent concepts in western science are consistent with the science of bio-psychology as explained by Shrii PR Sarkar. Implications of Shrii Sarkar’s statements about physiology, particularly the pineal gland, were examined in

depth. The central role of devotion in Ananda Marga practices was elaborated through quotes from Shrii Sarkar’s discourses and demonstrated to correspond to brain systems that may be related to gurucakra. The week long program dealt with basic science of physiology, cakras, emotions, vrttis, sama’dhi and Ananda Marga practices. A more detailed outline of the program is included below:
Basic science of the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system.
Basic science of the pineal gland. 

Basic Ananda Marga concepts of cakras, possible embryological links and relationships with the physiology of acupuncture.
Science-based answers to perturbing questions about cakras. 

Psychological theories of emotion.
Vrttis and their relationship to emotions and the brain.

Non-Ananda Marga theories of samadhi.
Ananda Marga’s pineal theory of Samadhi, links with science, and the central role of devotion.
Biopsychology of Ananda Marga practices: fasting, kiirtan, asanas, sadhana (pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi) and service.
Wrap up and open discussion

Dr. Richard Maxwell specializes in clinical neuropsychology with a large part of his practice serving individuals with brain injuries or other neurological challenges. An active member of Ananda Marga since 1974, he has tried to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. His most recent scientific interest is in brain phenomena associated with ecstatic states arising from meditation. He has worked to translate aspects of tantric yoga philosophy and practices into a framework that has meaning and validity from the perspective of western science.

Dr. Maxwell can be reached at: