CNS Asheville, USA

 The Center of Neohumanist Studies (CNS) on the Asheville Master Unit (MU) has recently sponsored three lectures followed by workshops on Peace Movements, presented by Clare Hanrahan; Spiritual Cosmology, chaired by Basil Savitsky and Alternative Health, chaired by Cindy Sobering. For the fall we plan to pursue the format of a weekly CNS forum at our downtown Quest Center drawing on one of our themes: multipathic health care, neohumanist education, green economics, inner (spirituality) and outer (environmental) ecology and sustainable community. These weekly forums would be followed up by monthly workshop at the Master Unit Dome. This plan is part of a larger promotion and creation of an ongoing seminar program for the CNS which would be given at the Quest Center , the MU, in cities throughout the region and on line (distance learning).This CNS activity is expected to become a full time schedule in the next year when the second dome, which is under construction now, is completed in the summer of 2006. This second dome will add 4,000 square feet of space including meeting rooms, dorm rooms, kitchen, dinning room and baths to accommodate 50 people.

The existing dome, for meditation, will be connected to this new dome by a vestibule. The recent addition of 100 acres to the MU creates the opportunity to develop a long term plan for a larger campus for the CNS that will provide additional educational programs and structures, including a complex of buildings to house the Gurukula offices, libraries, classrooms and overnight facilities. The MU also now has the potential for developing approximately 150 acres as a comprehensive MU with agriculture, animal husbandry, cooperatives, ponds, and a nearby cooperative community of members of

Meadow on the new 100 acres with great agricultural and building potential
Ananda Marga. This gives us the opportunity to develop a sustainable community design that integrates MU, individuals and families. We will have a CNS meeting at the MU on November 11 through the 14 which will focus on Sustainable Communities and CNS development of a Gurukula University .