CNS Croatia

The second nation wide “My First Book” contest has started with an interview of the winners of the first contest on national TV. Posters have been sent to schools and workshops are offered in schools and libraries. The best 50 books made by children go on an exhibition tour at some libraries. Didi Anandarama has begun doing workshops in schools about “how to make your own book” and will be conducting similar workshops in some places in the coming weeks along with having an exhibition of the books.

The picture shows “KUKU” – the creative learning club of CNS. Four children finished together one story book to warn children about mines still in the fields from the last war. This picture was taken at an exhibition of the books of children from the last contest “My First Book” in Karlovac in a Youth Club. The exhibition is going on now to Zadar city and then to Rijeka . The ballet play ‘The dance of toys’ of the winning story book had its premier last week at the local theatre