Georgetown Sector

By Dada Paradevananda

I have been working in Paraguay since 2000. Here we have three schools in total. Paraguay is a very poor country and needs help in every aspect. ERAWS runs one school in Sajonia, a very slum area of Asuncion City . We started this service project about 12 years back to give free education to the poor children of this area. The elderly mother of a member of Ananda Marga had sold this land for a very low price. There we began our first school in 1992 in a small constructed house.

But now by Grace, we have constructed a building for the school. We have two big rooms and two toilets separated for boys and girls. In 2000 with the help of a social organisation we did the construction spending $4000 for this project. We are offering daily food to the children. In our school we have 20 children. We have Jardin and Pre Jardin (children between 2 to 4). Our school teacher is giving education using the play way methods of NHE.

Didi Ananda Sushiila is running two WWD schools in Paraguay ; One in Capiata where we have a primary school with more than 300 children and anther one in Mercado de Abasto with 40 poor children.

We have 2 Master units in Paraguay . The one in Sapucai is run by WWD and the other in Itamoroti is run by ERAWS. In May we distributed 500 pairs of shoes to the poor families nearby. Dada Divyashvarupananda is rector in Itamoroti there and is doing good work in the MU. We have 7 cows; 3 gives milk. We produce cheese and sell to the public. Also Dada planted 1000 marguja fruits plants for commerce purposes.