Microvita Research Institute and AMGK Faculty of Microvita Studies

Plans are underway for the establishment of a Microvita Research Institute for the purpose of fostering research, study, publications and applications of Microvita (Mv) science for the all-round well being of society. Dada Vimalananda and Dada Shambhushivananda met with each other at Madhu Karuna MG Quarters, during DMS in Berlin Sector and consolidated plans for a cooperative relationship between the Microvita Research Institute and Gurukula. Dada Vimalananda shared these plans with the gathering of 250 margiis who attended the Microvita presentation on this occasion. Students will be trained in Mv concepts through Gurukula’s Faculty of Microvita Sciences. In the early stages of the development of both the Faculty and the Institute, the Faculty will be responsible for the teaching of Mv science and all the pedagogical issues associated with that role. The Institute will be responsible for setting research priorities while developing practical applications of Mv. The organizational association of the two bodies is illustrated in the diagram. Dada Vimalananda will be Dean of the Faculty of Mv Studies within Gurukula and he will be President of the Microvita Research Institute. He is also a member of the Mv Sub-committee.

Research Projects of the Microvita Research Institute include

1. Mv and Health
2. Mv and Yoga Psychology
3. Mv and Plasma Research
4. Mv General Theory and Standard Model of Mv
5. Mv and Biological-Systems
6. Mv and Futures Studies

Structure of Microvita Institute and its relationship to Gurukula

A Microvita Study and Research Workshop was held July 8 – 10, 2005 in St Petersburg, Florida, USA, to further the creation of the Microvita Research Institute’s research program as well as to work out details of the cooperative relationship with Gurukula and to develop a microvita faculty within Gurukula. The weekend included a report on research completed by Dan Jones in which he changed one element into another; Michael Towsey gave a power point presentation on MV and related research paradigms and Dr. Ram Shettigar and Sid Jordan reviewed their plans for meditation research.