School PROUT


In coordination with the work to begin on the NHE Diploma Programme for Elementary grades, AMGK is beginning a project to produce books and encourage programs and activities related to the specialties of NHE in the areas of:

YES – Yoga Education in Schools or Astaunga Yoga
STUVOL – Student Volunteers or Service and Dynamic Leadership
ELF – Earth Lover’s Family or Sustainable Ecology
SPROUT – School PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory) or Sustainable Socio-economics

Work on each area has already begun. The books will be by age group – Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, etc. Many of you have a wealth of material in these areas that you have created, assembled and successfully applied over the years, and we are asking you to share this material either by contributing to these AMGK publications, by creating publications from your own school and submitting them to AMGK for endorsement and distribution or by sending articles to Gurukula Network.


PROUT studies are closely related to Social Studies in the NHE school curriculum. Below are some of the goals of the Social Studies Program at the elementary level NHE School , Progressive School of Long Island.

•  Overcome narrow-mindedness
•  Learn to evaluate sources of information
•  Become a global citizen with knowledge of religions, cultures, geography
•  Recognize strategies and patterns of exploitation
•  Make judgements based on Principle of Social Equality
•  Live one’s judgements 


PROUTists of New York Sector will be assisting in the development of SPROUT curriculum for NHE schools. Others are invited as well