Supporting Innovative Efforts Towards Sustainable Development

Horticultural Therapy Centre in Boise

Boise Tree House Horticulture Therapy and Education Center Project is an experiential hands-on, educational plant based activities center located on 5 acres of land called Ananda Madhura’ and located in Eagle, Idaho. The centre includes Square Foot gardening, Sensory gardens, Native American Waffle Gardens, Simulated Rain Forest, Cactus Station, Plants from Dinosaur Age-Living Fossils, Reptiles Green House and House of Medicinal Plants (Herb Garden).

Horticulture Therapy utilizes plants and horticultural activities to promote mental, physical, and social well-being. Participating in horticulture therapy is relaxing, lowers stress levels, promotes social interaction and improves motor skills. As an educational tool, hands on learning with plants provides a connection that awakens deep, natural feelings of hope and promotes a sense of responsibility for all that is living in our environments.

Dada Shambhushivananda visited this Center and conducted a tree planting ceremony.

Personal Electric Transports (PET)

Dada Shambhushivananda spoke before the Board of Water and Power Commissioners of Los Angeles defending the PET project led by Tony Lochirrichio. They had given $2 million dollars to initiate this project in LA.
The electric vehicles project has many uses in developing countries also including Tsunami victims. PET has agreed to donate 30 vehicles to AMGK Model Schools in order to create greater awareness of non-polluting technologies as a part of our Environmental Education Initiatives.

Free Electric Vehicles for NHE Schools and Projects

Dada Shambhushivananda and Tony Lochirrichio of Personal Electric Transports have come up with a “World Wide, Clean Energy, Hands On Clean Energy Education Program” that any NHE related Schools or Projects may apply to participate in. The project in summary will provide an Electric Vehicle at no charge (excepting shipping and batteries) to a number of schools or projects to be used as a key part of an accompanying free computer education program which will have as its educational goal training students to understand the need for light duty electric transportation to attack the rate of global warming worldwide. The project will also teach the students how to maintain and repair their electric vehicles. It will also provide a basis for fund raising for the school or project in the second phase of the program if the individual schools choose to participate in the fundraising program. If you would like to participate in this program, please write to: <>