Theatre in Education (TIE) Workshop, CNS Sweden

Given by Vishva Shanti Ole Brekke

This two day workshop for potential neohumanist educators was held in August at CNS in Sweden and conducted by Vishva Shanti Ole Brekke, director of The Commedia School in Copenhagen . It is natural for teachers to want to expand their knowledge of ways to approach an educational situation. The workshop was to introduce these future teachers to the process of using theatre in whatever teaching situation they might find themselves from toddlers to adults.

The workshop itself was designed to demonstrate that using a well planned theatrical model in approaching any educational theme will accomplish several educational objectives in one project. For the workshop, educational objectives were divided into five categories:

1) Knowledge, 2) Inquiry and problem solving skills, 3) Social skills, 4) Psycho-motor skills, and 5) Values. The workshop introduced the participants to all five areas with special emphasis on social skills and psycho-motor skills. On evaluating the workshop at the close, the general consensus of the participants was that they appreciated getting to know one another in different ways and that it was also enjoyable to use their bodies actively during the entire process. New doors were opened when it was demonstrated that chemistry, mathematics and biology could be enjoyably approached by using theatre.

More about The Commedia School programs including TIE (Theatre In Education) can be found on the web, or by writing to . TIE became a part of The Commedia School ‘s program in 1991 and has since been offered to groups, universities and other educational institutions in South America, North America, and Europe .