Update on the YES Programme in Italy

This year YES (Yoga Education in Schools) was invited to Salorno for a convention about youth and their difficult relationships with public institutions and associations. With some impressive slides, more than 100 people, most of them educators and school directors, were informed about the potentialities of

Yoga in the field of education and interpersonal relationships. Christian Franceschini gave the lecture and was afterwards invited to attend more specific meetings with public schools directors.

In Bolzano city, Franceschini is giving an introductory course on Astaunga Yoga to more than 120 teachers of Kindergarten aged children. They are all teachers of the public

kindergarten schools of South Tirol . 40 of them are getting personal training in starting a small yoga “education laboratory” in more than 11 kindergartens. The concepts of Gurukula and YES have been introduced to them and to the local government education authorities. The program is so successful that Franceschini has had to start 2 courses because so many teachers have enrolled.

In Trento City Franceschini taught a professional development course for Primary and Secondary public school teachers on Yoga and Self-control in the Classroom. More than 30 teachers attended and told him afterwards that it was the most interesting professional development course they had attended in the past 10 years. Teachers and their adolescent daughters and sons are going to get further private training in Tantra and Yoga from the middle of October until December.

A total number of 50 copies of the book Tantric Biopsychology , written by Franceschini in Italian, were sold just in one week. Also many kiirtan CDs have been purchased by the teachers for use during certain moments of class lessons (like painting, arts etc.)

For more information, you may contact Christian Franceschini at <>


The YES manual for Early Childhood is in the final stages of preparation and will be available on CD soon. To purchase a copy, please write to . Work on the manual for elementary level is beginning with Didi Anandarama and Christian Franceschini and we invite input from all our schools.