NHE Educators Summit

“Sharing NHE Methods and Materials”
July 18-25, 2006 in Ydrefors, Sweden

(Arrival date is July 17)

Objectives• Practical training in NHE for new and old teachers and directors
• Exchange of NHE practices in the classroom between directors and teachers in NHE schools
• Training of NHE Diploma Programme students
• Graduation of students who have completed the NHE Diploma Programme
What the Conference Offers• Sharing of tested NHE classroom practices by senior directors and teachers of NHE schools from around the world, including valuable practical knowledge and skills in various subjects for early
childhood, junior high and high school aged children.
• Building confidence and creativity in
developing further research and educational material.
• Guidance for NHE Diploma distance learning course students.
• Inspiration and assistance for those interested in starting new NHE schools.
• Exchange on YES, STUVOL, ELF, SPROUT programs and publications

• Certificate of attendance by AMGK (accepted as Staff Development Credits for NHE Teachers)

Important – What to Bring

Please bring printed, published material about your school or project to display, such as curriculum, policies, brochures, books, flyers, posters, leaflets, school newsletter, photos, videos, etc. etc. You will be able to set up an exhibition table/corner with your school’s information. Please also bring the same material on a CD, so that we can add it to the NHE Resource Pages and share it with each other.
For the presenters, please bring a summary of your presentation on CD as well.Please bring art works and activities from your school. We will set up an Art Room with all kinds of arts and crafts activities and displays. The Art Room will always be open during the conference for experimenting and sharing art activities. You can also bring material for display.Please bring children’s songs to share, in any language, on a CD or cassette along with written lyrics. If possible, please send these in advance to Didi Ananda Krpa <> so that she can compile them beforehand.Please bring something to share at our Opening Circle. We will assign a number to your present and everyone will draw a number and receive an exchanged gift.Registration

Please write to to register.


Euro 200 per person for accommodation, food and programme materials, due upon arrival. Arrival date is July 17th.

Organised by

Ananda Marga Gurukula in coordination with ERAWS and WWD Berlin Sector
Details and confirmed participants will be regularly announced on NHE Forum and at

“NHE Educators Summit is an opportunity for all those who are interested in the NHE Education system to come together and share their practical wisdom. I encourage all our concerned workers and teachers to avail of this opportunity of sharing and learning.”
Ac. Shambhushivananda Avadhuta, Kulapati, AMGK
“This Educators Summit for sharing practical material has been requested from many corners. This is now the opportunity for everyone to bring their multimedia presentations on their school and material to present in workshops with others. We will be contacting individuals who are requested to bring their experiences but everyone please feel free to contribute the things that really work with children that you have been applying. We are looking forward to accommodate everyone’s needs and gifts in this conference.”
Avtk. Ananda Rama Ac., Avtk. Ananda Bhadra Ac., Programme Incharges