Delhi Sector

Valadora, India
In Vadodara town in Gujarat is a Tiny Green Island school called ‘Ananda Marga Gurukula Ashram’ . All the children are on this photo along with Didi Vandita and the nursery teacher. The building is owned since 1997 and has three rooms and a kitchen. Didi’s dream is to be able to construct a boundary wall and have a nice protected garden first and then after have a second floor on the building to accommodate up to 50 children.
Anyone who would like to support this school please contact the editors.

Muzzafarpur, Bihar, India
In Muzzafarpur, Bihar since 20 years the Ananda Marga Primary School has shifted four times until finally now for five years has its owned premises. The ground floor can accommodate now 52 children from kindergarten to grade five. There are two teachers teaching along with Didi Ananda Jahnavii. Didi was met a wonderful 
supporter in Ananda Nagar, Angela from Australia who has helped her so that the school could grow to this capacity. Didi’s dream is to be able to extend the building and to be able to accommodate 100 more children who are already on the waiting list. Didi has great interest in NHE and writing her own stories and illustrating them.

Bilaspur, Chatisgar, India
Ananda Pallavi is presently the principal of the Ananda Marga Primary School in Bilaspur, Chatisgar. This school has 65 children from kindergarten to grade 5 with three teachers and Didi. At present construction is in progress to expand the facilities that will be able to accommodate 150 children. Unfortunately they do not have a playground but the programme is good with elaborate cultural programmes that delight the children and guardians. If you come to Bilaspur you are welcome to call Didi at 07752 244451.