Manilla Sector

Sangkhlaburi, Thailand

The new AMSAI school in Sangkhlaburi was inaugurated with 120 children enrolled. Nearby construction has started on the new children’s home that will be able to accommodate 200 children. It is being built on top of a hill with a view of the lake. The giant aesthetically placed institution will include a medical clinic, a weaving factory, a kindergarten and a horticultural plot. Support comes from the Italian government.


At the Growing Together Preschool in Yangon in Myanmar children learn through the play-way method. Art work is also an integral part of daily activities and the children meditate based on their readiness.


Our Rainbow AMSAI school in Medan opened a second school in another part of the city. The facility is a new construction with 30 classrooms. In the opening semester 360 students where signed up. The old school has 1425 students enrolled. The two Rainbow schools print their own schoolbooks with color covers. Every year 16,000 books are printed.