AMGK Planning Meeting, Sweden

July 13- 17, 2006

A five day Ananda Marga Gurukula planning meeting was held in Ydrefors, Sweden before the NHE Summit began. Delegates attended from Hong Kong Sector, Delhi Sector, Berlin Sector, New York Sector, Manila Sector and Cairo Sector. Topics covered included:

Administration & General

  • GK Structural Clarifications
  • Accreditation Efforts
  • GK Network Newsletter & Communications
  • Websites/Forums
  • Finances & Annual reports
  • Legalities of AMGK
  • AMGK /NHE Directory
  • Review & Implementation of Standards, Inspections & Affiliation of Schools
  • Building the offices & staff of AMGK

Higher Education Related

  • Establishment ,Accreditation & Progress of CNSs
  • Moodle for CNS-Forum
  • NHE Teachers Certification
  • Yoga Teachers Certification & Standards
  • Leadership Training Course/Institute
  • AMGK Roster of Faculty members
  • Bio-Psychology Course

K-12 NHE Related

  • Training of NHE Teachers
  • Updating NHE Resource pages using Wiki
  • Continuing Education Credits of TT diploma modules
  • Review, Utilization & Dissemination of Standards of NHE Schools
  • NHE Publications Update
  • Volunteers Placement & Teachers Exchange Program
  • NHE-Community Outreach programs
  • Specialized tasks:
    package for new schools;
    architectural design guidelines for nhe schools;
    funding support to needy educational projects;
    administrators handbook;
    curriculum guidelines for elementary schools;
    Anandanagar development(completion of cakradhuri buidling & other institutions).


Dada Lokeshananda gave a workshop, via internet video, to participants of the AMGK global meeting on the IDEO System which is about how to be more effective in getting people involved in activities and projects. It is a long-term educational approach for bringing your educational services to maximum number of people. This approach works if you are in charge of a project and if you require the cooperation of other people in one way or another.