CNS Taiwan

NHE Conference Taiwan

September 5 -6, 2006

CNS Taiwan held a two day NHE conference in a Buddhist temple in the beautiful mountains outside of Taipei . Around 25 people attended. There was a presentation on NHE around the world, discussions on CNS Taiwan and how to proceed with discussions and targets taken for different projects such as publishing books and a NHE Exhibition. Tai-tse, Pai led some very inspiring activities and games to help everyone understand themselves and neohumanism more. Dada Pranesha and Didi Sananda from Taipei attended the program along with participants from the various NHE schools and projects in Taiwan .
At the end of the NHE conference, the participants
came up with the list of programs which they will
be working on. Each program has a leader listed
  • Teacher’s training – Ke, Yun Chin
  • Kids yoga – Liu, Ya Chi and Wang, Su Min
  • Curriculum and materials – Chiu, I Hua , Yung, Gin Wen, and Lee, Mao Ling
  • Translation of spiritual philosophy- Yung, Gin Wen
  • Publications – Bai, Tai Tzu and Tzai, Pei Ling
  • Building kindergarten – Hung, Yu Zhen
  • NHE study group – Ke, Yun Chin
  • Education on parenting – Chiang, Ya ling and Ke, Yun Chin
  • Special education –Lian, Chin Fa, Lui, I Hui and Yang Su Fong
  • Nursery – Lee, Mao Ling
  • Special care for the needed groups –Wang, Su Min and Ke, Yun Chin

In addition, a NHE Resource Center for Taiwan has been started for sharing lesson plans, books, powerpoints, photos, etc.