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AMGK/CNS has set up an office in Cairo, Egypt which will serve as a hub for Neohumanist studies in the Middle East. As a first project KAPROS – Kahira Progressive Studies is focusing on the establishment of a school (KAPROS – Kahira Progressive School)  from K-12 with attached teacher training facilities. In its first phase KAPROS will offer seminars, conferences and courses on holistic education and connect with local sustainable development initiatives.

Social entrepreneurship is surely a force that will shape the future of human society. What does it mean? What is it? How can it be a force of social change?

Imagine the mentality that runs big enterprises or that builds some of the greatest fortunes on the planet. Imagine the skills and power of leadership and achievement that the CEO’s of big corporation have. Now imagine the same mentality, the same skills and power working for the welfare of society. This is indeed a new paradigm based on the idea that the best “business” is to truly serve society.

I am sure that most human beings will say that they would like to contribute to society. But seldom are we willing to sacrifice our whole life for it. But what if you could make a career in social service and get your salary? What if you could serve and at the same time make your living and be able to provide quality of life to your family? Why do social service and making a living have to be incompatible things? Who told us so? Providing quality water in an age where water is poisoned is true social service. Providing true education in this age of dogma and indoctrination is true service. Why shouldn’t society pay for it? Social service does not necessarily mean free. Why not make a system where those who can afford to pay, do so for the education of their kids and also for underprivileged kids? Isn’t this indeed part of the education process?

Imagine the mentality of great achievers directed towards the all-round development of society. Why should we not work in this spirit? KAPROS stands as a true social entrepreneurship project. It is a corporation for true education, for true development of the human spirit.

KAPROS – Kahira Progressive School – a Project in Development

KAPROS Studies invites you to join:

The Quest of Ancient Egyptian Subtlety
(Starting 5th July 2007)

A thrilling life time opportunity for personal and professional growth. Live in the land of the Great Pyramids and:

  • Learn to become a dynamic social entrepreneur.
  • Enhance your skills and acquire new ones.
  • Acquire leadership and communication skills.
  • Learn how to move in the field in areas such as finances and investment
  • Witness and co-create a unique major school project
  • Work in a multicultural team
  • Immerse yourself in the Spirit of Tantra
  • Deepen your self awareness
  • Develop a positive and universal outlook in life.
  • Learn sustainable living
  • Emotional mastery
  • Be versed in “The Secret” – learn the science of intentional creation
Optional Opportunities:
  • NHE Diploma Course
  • LFT Training and pre-WT Training
  • Retreats in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria
  • Nile Bliss Tour and Desert Safaris
  • Red Sea diving at Bedouin Camp
A school serving 1200 children from kindergarten to high school with attached teachers’ training facility, hostel, gardens and organic agriculture is the proposed plan in Egypt . The architecture was designed by Michael Rice from Ireland who is advocating biological architecture that supports life forces that are conducive to living and learning. We envision a true oasis of learning and developing and blossoming of human excellence. KAPROS will be modelled after the educational achievements of PSOLI, the Progressive School of Long Island. For more info visit: or write to: