Delhi Sector

During his tour in November, Dada Shambhushivananda visited Nepal where he gave 6 lectures and visited the schools. Nepal has a budding AMKG nucleus of 30 people.

There are five schools there. The biggest school in Hithora where Dada Ounkareshvarananda is the principal. It goes up to 8th grade. The school in Kathmandu is run by family Acharya Sister Shanti. The 3 story building is 10 minutes from the airport. Her school was the first one in the area. It now has 36 children and goes up to 6th grade with permission to go up to 8th. It can accommodate up to 200 children. 


While visiting Nepal , Kulapati spoke at the Kathmandu University on the topic of Neohumanist Approach to Life. He also met with the Vice chancellor and graduate students. He gave a lecture at the local high school as well. 

In Dhulikhel, Dadaji spoke to the Rotarians of Nepal on the theme: “Spiritual Perspective to Life”. Students and Teachers of Dhulikhel High School also benefited from Dada’s talk on Science of Meditation” 

Dada Shambhushivananda met with Professor Tulasi Diwasa, a celebrated poet, writer and research scholar of Folk Studies in Nepal and head of Folklore Society in Nepal . He was the cultural attache for the Nepal government and is working on cultur al empowerment through focussing on the lives of people throughout Nepalese history. There are 67 tribes in Nepal and 127 dialects. They each have their own rituals, customs, economy etc. Prof. Diwasa is helping to record the archives of all these communities. Our Gurukula representative in Kathmandu, Dr. Rudra Laxmi Shrestha is also working with the National Folkore Society of Nepal in this important research work. Ananda Marga Gurukula supports this important research initiative to preserve the folk culture of Nepal.

Institute of Veterinary Science and Animal husbandary has been re-opened by Ananda Marga Gurukula in Bokaro Steel City , Jharkand, not far from Anandanagar. The Principal is Ac. Bhavananda Avt.

Ananda Nagar 
Dada Rudradevananda is running the computer centre at Anandanagar with the assistance of Dada Citkrishnananda.