Georgetown Sector

Cordoba, Argentina 
Kulapati presented AMGK at the Ananda Marga Sectorial Conference at the Cordoba Master Unit which is managed by Dada Ramashrayananda. The Master Unit, which is two hours away from Cordoba, boasts over 700 hectares with hills, mountains, river and a lake. It is one of the largest master units outside of Ananda Nagar. The MU is right on the main highway from Argentina to Chile . It has land on two sides of the highway. They are building a house there now to host eco-village camps. Besides sharing the work of AMGK, Kulapati gave a talk on Yoga in Light of Neohumanism and participated in a PROUT Workshop. Dada also coordinated GK work with representatives from Chile along with Dada Moksananda and with representatives from other countries.

Asuncion, Paraguay

During his recent visit to Georgetown Sector, Dada Shambhushivananda also visited the MUs and schools in Paraguay . In addition, he gave a seminar to teachers as well as a public lecture on Development of Human Personality that was organized by Dada Paradevananda and Didi Ananda Sushiila. (details below). Ananda Marga owns 6 properties in Asuncion . The Didis have a Master Unit and manage two schools. The schools are managed by Didi Ananda Sushiila one of which is a high school. Didi Anandamayii is the Director of the smaller school which is run in a rented facility. The Didis live in a beautiful house on the MU and make the long commute to the schools each day. 

The Dadas own a two floor house which serves as the regional office. They also own a school building one block away. The Dadas Master Unit is 20 hectares. The school serves 20 kindergarten aged children from very poor homes. It has a beautiful 1000 square meter garden. It was started by BP Sister Niliima. The schools and MUs are in close communication with each other and support each other in a cooperative way. There is a strong family feeling amongst them. 

Dadas Visit to Paraguay
by Didi Ananda Sushiila 

It was my dream to have Dada visit our schools. When I read Gurukula Network newsletter I used to wonder why doesn’t Dada come to South America . So when the Dada in charge told me that Dada will visit South America in January, and asked me if we would like to have Dada pass by Paraguay , immediately I said yes. So the Margiis made the preparation for Dada to come; they printed posters and handouts and distributed in the city before Dadas arrival for his public lecture while we acaryas were in the meeting in Argentina . 

Finally Dada arrived on the 10th of February and gave an education seminar in our school attained by all teachers, directors, LFTs and Dadas and Didis from 4 schools here. The following day he gave a public talk on “Developing Harmonious Personality through Yoga and Meditation” which was attended by about 100 people. All were inspired by his talk and wisdom and his open and warm personality. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Traveling by bus for 24 hours from Asuncion to Sao Paulo, Dada Shambhushivananda reports on the vastness of the country and horizon, with vast, beautiful, rolling, green hills and lots of sunshine. In Sao Paulo Dadaji visited two schools. One run by Kamalesh and Mirabai which serves 65 kindergarten children up to age 6. There are 150 children on the waiting list. Didi Ananda Jaya runs a vibrant school with Director Jayagiita. There are 120 children in this free kindergarten school, with 300 on the waiting list. With money from the municipality they are also running after school activities. Didi Ananda Jaya is a fountain of inspiration for all in the community. Dada Diipajinananda is the director of a Yoga Academy in a large owned facility in Sao Paulo. The Yoga Academy is now attracting many students for intensive training in yoga philosophy. 


Sorocaba is one and half hours from Sao Paulo. The school property there was donated by Sister Rukmini and the school serves 40 children from very poor neighborhoods. It is a very beautiful place, which includes a lake, swimming pool, woods and basketball court.

Porto Allegre, Brazil 
Dada Shamhushivananda attended an Ananda Marga Regional Seminar held at the Master Unit run by Dada Cittabodhananda. He gave three talks:viz., Yoga, Values and Mission ; Guru and Disciple; and a class on NHE. 

Dadaji also had a tour of all the schools in the area. The largest one is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It currently goes up to fourth grade with 250 students, with plans to add a grade every year up to 9th grade. It is a high quality school, very well organized and functional with high quality facilities that include computers, science laboratory, beautiful library, gymnasium and herbal garden. The schools emphasize the arts, music and vegetarianism. The school is legally registered and receives a subsidy from the local government. Sister Giita is the director. While there, Dadaji participated in a TV interview for the schools 10th anniversary.

The properties in Porto Allegre are owned. Thanks to Sudama who also donated property for a vocational project for street children where they grow herbals and produce herbal products. Four social welfare workers are also posted to the program by the government. Through the efforts of Dharmamitra they were chosen from among 50 applicants for a government grant of $17,000 dollars for this street childrens project.

There are three kindergartens in Porto Allegre in addition to the Elementary School. Sister Kevalanii, who sets all the standards for the kindergartens, got NHE recognized with Ministry of education. She runs a very creative kindergarten program with lots of educative stories amplifying yama-niyama.

Barranquilla, Colombia
The 2007 academic year started in the Neohumanist Education centre PR Sarkar in Barrio Las Malvinas with three levels of Kindergarden and five levels of Primary school with a total of 230 children.

Mr. Mario Williams, the Education secretary of the Atlantic Region, a State of Colombia, visited the school in Barranquilla and was very inspired to see how the children do meditation and the benefits of neohumanist education. He is going to help the project. Regular group mediation started in the neohumanist school in Barrio Las Malvinas Barranquilla with the teachers of the school.