Kahira Sector

Athens, Greece
by Didi Ananda Uttama 

The Neo Humanist Center offers progressive educational classes for children and a wide array of health and environmental awareness programs for adults. Situated in a northern suburb of Athens, Greece NHC is a project geared primarily, though not exclusively, to the needs of women and children. We are researching now how to formally register as a school. We need to be out of our place by February of next year so within this year, we will look for a house with a yard and get official. Lots of work but we are happy doing it.

We have 16 children now which is a good number for the space we have though we can still receive a few more. As we’re not at our capacity yet, children enroll all year and now little ones are coming to be ready for September. Vimala is doing a great job with the help of Florence and Elena. Florence is also our Infant Massage instructor and she’s about to begin with Yoga for Babies. The massage course is great, mothers and babies love it. Our mother-infant and mother-toddler programs are going well and we’ve got a good number coming for Mother-Toddler Yoga. 

Our other women’s programs are continuing, the Breast Cancer Support Group and most recently, a women’s environmental awareness group. The environmental group is working to organize programs for children, starting with recycling awareness as well as events for children and adults for the upcoming Eco Week. 

The monthly Wellness Connection presentations are well attended and we always have a waiting list of practitioners ready to do a presentation. We just had our annual Wellness Fair which draws Greek and English speakers together to see what’s being offered in Athens for Wellness care.