Manila Sector

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dada Shambhushivananda gave a high-profile lecture to thirty corporate members, business people, architects, etc. The talk was organized by Carol Yip & Jane Rai and the theme was Beyond the Superconscious Mind. Copies of Gurukula Network were distributed to everyone, and the NHE Futures book was introduced and sold.

Didi Ananda Shivani and Dada Shankarsanananda are making a yoga academy in Singapore. Dr. Dhanjoo Ghista is helping with the curriculum.

Lampang, Thailand
Nuntaka has been running the Rakrook Kindergarten in Lampang for many years along neohumanist principles. She also has a well established yoga centre above the kindergarten. She did her masters in neohumanist education at Chiang Mai University and is now considering doing a PhD in NHE. She has written one beautiful small book in Thai that highlights NHE also. Her articles about NHE are published in Thai magazines and newspapers. She also spearheaded several cooperative programs with local colleges and universities in the area highlighting neohumanist methods.

Las Pinas, Manila , Philippines
The AMSAI Kindergarten has been running for the past 20 years since 1986 when it started in the WWD owned premises in Las Pinas, Manila . In 2005 a new 3 storey building was constructed that now houses the AMSAI in the ground floor which has now 16 children. The other floors serve as offices and meeting space where workshops, collective meditation and ETCs (Education Training Camps) are held regularly. Recently a livelihood skills training was held for 14 mothers. Last ETC was also attended by teachers sent by other NGOs besides the other AMSAI schools in greater Manila area.

Sangkhlabhuri, Thailand
The new children’s home building, under the direction of Didi Ananda Devamala, is very spacious and is home to 150 children. The school under the guardianship of Didi Ananda Anuraga has added two new classrooms and a total renovation of the kindergarten has been completed. A sports field will be installed soon.

Dada Ramakrsna has 52 children in his boys home