Sunshine Playgroup

Zurich, Switzerland
Run by Jovan Drapsin

Sunshine School is a private multi-lingual pre-school inspired by the ideas of NHE. Language is a natural companion of child’s development. About 54 children are accommodated in different groups and times. Playgroups are in English, German and Spanish. The program features: Yoga for Children, Workshops for parents and children, Arts and Crafts, Music, Drama, Movement, Stories, Birthday parties and Fun.

To enhance the child’s development, environment and activities at Sunshine are designed for specific age-groups.

For 2 year olds – a rich indoor and outdoor play area to explore their own senses and motor organs (through activities like cutting, pouring, climbing, creating, music, modeling etc) and Circle of Love activities.

For 3 year olds – program expanded to more games and regular opportunities for different crafts

For 4 year olds – entering the age of curiosity- ecological thinking, social games to strengthen the feelings of friendship, unity and tolerance; movement, music, arts, crafts, story telling, acting, fun, sports etc.

For 5 year olds -rich fantasy dominates this age- puppet theatre, face painting; creative visualizations, guided fantasy games

For 6 year olds – pre-writing, pre-reading skills, visits of acrobats, musicians, dancers; communicating with other play groups in the community.

Poem about Colours 

by Tatjana Popov & Jovan DrapsinWhite
I am colour white, I clean day and night,
In the pure light, which is me, your reflection you can see
I am so active; I never go to bed, no wonder, because I’m red
I like to move it, move it all around, take care with me or you’ll crash on the ground
A little bit of red, a little bit of yellow, and here is the orange fellow
Play, protect and heal, is the orange colours zeal
I am yellow shine from the sun divine, don’t you make a game with my yellow flame
Wisdom is required here, if you want to be my dear
I am green; I am not mean, but rather friendly and clean,
I am healthy and wealthy and long on the scene
I am blue, I am big, I need space, I spread and cover every place
All you see is me, there is you in blue.
When I look deep inside, violet light is my guide,
Full of secrets and mystic glow, towards inner world I flow
Now, before you choose what you want to do, here is a clear message from heaven straight to you:
“You should think only pink, selfless love for one and all, good and bad, big and small.”