AMSAI Sunrise General Santos, Philippines

by Teacher Prashanti, AMSAI Atis Extension

The first month of school is extremely exciting for everybody; children, parents and teachers. Of course our kids and parents expect great things from us. We began this year geared up with knowledge we learned at the Educational Training Camp conducted by the AMSAI Mindanao school administrators, last summer in May, in which teacher Marina, our representative from the recent NHE Diploma course in Thailand, imparted to us the various techniques, methods and styles in teaching
Photos of children’s artwork from
AMSAI Sunrise School
and conducting classes that she learned in Thailand. I applied these methods and found that “playing” and “happy teaching Math” are effective ways of teaching. My students enjoyed them a lot too.Recently our school conducted the following monthly activities for the first semester:

JULY 2007

Nutrition Month Program Theme:
“Kalusugan daan tungo sa magandang kinabukasan” 
which means “Healthy lifestyle is the way to a brighter future”.

The children came to school dressed in fruit and vegetable costumes. They performed different songs and dances related to the theme. We also educated the parents and guardians teaching that not only should the food be clean and sentient but also the body, mind and environment through proper hygiene, Didi Amita, our school principal, emphasized that this lifestyle should be practiced and remembered all through their lives and not only during nutrition month. As the proverb says’ “Train up a child the way they should be and as they grow older, they won’t depart from it”.

AUGUST 2007Filipino Language Week
Linggo ng Wika We had a grand celebration of the founding of the Filipino Language! The children came to school dressed beautifully in their different Filipino traditional costumes. We started the program with a prayer led by Jonard Awiten from the Eagle class, and then we had children’s presentations of traditional Filipino singing and dancing.
There was a special cultural presentation by students from the AMSAI-Atis school. Kinder II performed Maghahandog ng Sayaw Pasig (dance offering ), Tinikling (bamboo dance) and Sorbetero (ice cream dance) was performed by Kinder I.AMSAI –Mateo performed a speech chorus titled “ Ako ay Pilipino” (I am a Filipino). Also we had a coronation for the king and queen of the event. From AMSAI Atis the winners were Kohl Ree Roque and Hazel Ann and from AMSAI Mateo the winners were Denver and Desiree Tangkee.The event included Filipino games which everybody enjoyed especially those who won and claimed their prizes. The parents participated in the program by singing a Filipino song together.
Didi Amita gave a speech in Tagalog (one Filipino Language) about the importance of preserving the Filipino culture. She mentioned that Shrii P.R. Sarkar said that the original name of the Philippines is Maharlika which means “tiny country but great in spirit”. Philippines is of many language the reason which is why the Father of our National Language came to a solution to have a common language which is Tagalog and it is taught throughout all the schools in the country and that’s what makes it possible for us to understand each other.AMSAI-Alabel celebrates the same event.
SEPTEMBER 2007Prabhat Sam’giita DayThe air is filled with positive vibration, it’s Prabhat Sam’giita Day!
Earlier than usual, 8am the classroom was filled with parents and kids. We had morning circle, did asanas together and each child performed the best posture they had mastered. And of course Didi Amita explained what we are celebrating. The parents and I myself were amazed at how Shri Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar had composed 5018 devotional
songs in just 8 years. Teacher Nandadevii, Prashanti and Sister Dayamayii danced “Tiny Green Island”. Likewise in AMSAI – Alabel, Teacher Ainjal taught the children “Bandhu He Niye Calo” and ‘Tiny Green Island”. We ended after eating the refreshing fruits that were prepared.Family Day
“Put our home together and the world will take care itself”
I was overwhelmed with joy to see my students with their moms and dads coming that day, joining their unit families to our AMSAI great family. Our speaker Mr. Marquest stated that the family is the basic unit of the society and in the universe, but whatever happens to it will greatly affect the whole. One good family combined together with others can create a good community and a good community will harmonize one country and a harmonized country will create a peaceful world and a peaceful world will create a blissful universe. My student Princess Angel told a cute story about her happy family and Joriz with his family sang a song. We had art competition judged by the children.