CNS Cairo

KAPROS – Kahira Progressive School in its miracle beginning stages

By Didi Anandarama

The Great Pyramid with its fantastic acoustics in the King’s chamber had a role to play in a very critical early stage of this project: the Croatian LFT trainees and I had a wonderful meditation and singing of “Baba Nam Kevalam” (Love is all there is) in the chamber which was joined and blended by one man chanting from the Koran. The entire pyramid seemed to resonate this harmonious chanting in a most powerful way. Those who heard of this event were touched and introduced us to wonderful like minded people and one of them who liked the Kapros project has become our local partner!

Also this summer there was the first ever held Mind Body and Spirit conference in Cairo which we attended with a table selling books and CDs and giving workshops. LFT Cinmayii is pictured above at the conference. KAPROS project in planning was featured in the conference’ magazine. Consequently several persons contacted us and offered their most valuable support for this budding project. We are now in the process of looking for suitable land.