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Prout College provides online courses in Prout studies. It is the first college in the world to provide such courses. Prout College is run by an academic cooperative. The cooperative includes the members of the academic faculty who are also responsible for designing and teaching all the courses. Prout College is also part of the Prout Institute of Australia Incorporated (PIA).
Prout College           

Learning for Personal and Social Transformation
Graduate Studies in Prout and Neohumanism

Enrolment is now open for study in 2008 for the Certificate in Prout Studies. Details of the subjects that make up the certificate course are available on the Prout College website.

  • Introduction to Prout Studies
  • Tantra, Spirituality and Social Change
  • Macrohistory and World Futures
  • Transformative Economics
  • Neohumanism, Policy Making and Contemporary Issues
  • Frontiers of Science
  • Gender, Spirituality and Coordinated Cooperation
  • Education for Liberation

The faculty members at Prout College, are Marcus Bussey, Sohail Inayatullah, Ivana Milojevic and Michael Towsey. The college administrator is Jake Karlyle. Recently Prout College formed an advisory committee that includes several internationally renowned academics, including Johan Galtung, Riane Eisler and Jean Houston. Information about all the advisory committee members is available at

New subscribers to the Prout College Newsletter can click on the links at the bottom of the homepage and download a free article on Neohumanist social change. The article is written by the founder of the Sarkar Game, which is based on the P.R. Sarkar’s social cycle.