Kahira Sector


by Radhika

From October 2006 I started teaching Yoga classes in 2 elementary schools, and 3 kindergartens. The classes are inspired by the YES program and the children and I are enjoying them. The classes include discussions on Yama and Niama, non competition games – as warm-ups, asanas, self massage, relaxation with guided imagination, meditation and we finish with a story that relates to the subject of the class.

90 children from kindergartens enjoy the program every week for the whole school year. 220 children from one of the elementary schools enjoy the program in meetings once every 2 weeks for the whole year. 270 children from a second elementary school enjoy the program, each group for about 10-12 classes. All in total: I enjoyed meeting 580 children during this school year.

I would like to share some of the children answers to the question: “what good came to them from our Yoga meetings” :

  • To love and help each other
  • The classes help me to be calm
  • I’m more concentrated when I do something
  • The classes give me happiness
  • I learn beautiful songs and love the stories
  • I know now what friendship is
  • I teach my grandmother what I learn in Yoga classes
  • I learned to listen and trust people
  • I learned to solve problems without anger
  • I’m kinder to others and more peaceful
  • I feel more that God is near me

And from a recommendation letter that one of the teachers wrote:

“I was sceptical but curious about the Yoga classes. Today, after 7 months, the children are waiting excitedly for their classes with Radhika. They learn about patience, to care and nature people who are different from them, what love is and how to share. They sing songs, play with their imagination, and they gain self confidence, calm, peacefulness. They are free from tension and anger. On Family Day we had an activity with parents and children and the responses of the parents were wonderful. I recommend this program with all my heart.”