New Prabhat Samgiita Academy Opens in Ydrefors, Sweden

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Prabhat Samghiita, a Prabha Smaghiita Academy opened at CNS Sweden Campus and was inaugurated on September 14, 2007. Kulapati, Dada Shambhushivananda’s speech for the occasion is included below, along with photos from the inauguration event. They hope to have the following activities at the Academy.

  • Voice Lessons
  • Music Lessons using different instruments
  • Learning to sing PS correctly
  • Research on PS
  • Knowledge of Ragas & Raginiis
  • Popularising PS among the general public
  • Circle of Love Study Circle
  • Preparing PS learning materials
  • PS workshops and seminars led by knowledgeable persons
  • PSA Reference library & Archives
  • Training in Dances based on PS
  • Drama that includes PS
New Prabhat Samghiita Academy is housed in the newly renovated Gurukula Building