Sustainable Development Studies

With the growing interest in developing Master Units, we will explore how to apply comprehensive sustainability, including how to incorporate Neohumanist and Proutist concepts on Master Units in coming issues of Gurukula Network.

In this issue we will explore the distinction between the Ananda Marga community for families and singles and the Wholetimer (monks and nuns of Ananda Marga) based MU. How can the former accommodate those interested in living together while also contributing to MU activities? How can the latter become a model for integrated and progressive development and support the surrounding communities? We will also discuss in more detail the relationship between the two.

Some topics that will be explored in future articles include:

  • “Prout Models for Ananda Marga Communities” will be explored in the next issue.
  • Practical information on major themes, including environmentalism, sustainability, community, land/housing, economy (agriculture, industry, energy, coops, etc.), service/spirituality, etc.
  • Showcase existing examples of MUs and other communities that demonstrate the best practices.
  • Examine how Shrii P. R. Sarkar explains the balance between all of the issues above. That is, how can we practically achieve Prama (i.e. a conceptual framework for balance and equipoise in all spheres) on the individual, collective, social, economic, environmental and spiritual levels on MUs? This section will focus on how these aspects are integrated and become sustainable.

We invite readers to make suggestions about other topics to be addressed in this series of articles on sustainability and Master Units. We would like to hear from readers concerning examples of how their master unit and local Ananda Marga communities are helping each other to grow into more viable and sustainable communities. We could possibly develop a part of this section on sustainability that reports good news concerning our developing MU and their supporting Ananda Marga communities. Please send your news and ideas to: