In Udaipur, India
Report by Henk de Weijer

The first International Seminar on Microvita Research (ISMR-2-12) was held at the Pediatrics Seminar Hall, RNT Medical College, Udaipur

(Rajasthan) on 24th March 2012. More than 100 participants, from all over the country and abroad, attended the Seminar.

Prof. Vijay Laxmi Chouhan, Dean, Aishwarya Education Society, Udaipur, was the Chief Guest of the Inauguration ceremony. She emphasized the need of incorporating Psychology in studying microvita science. The book “Pharmacology of Bombax ceiba” by Dr. Vartika Jain and Dr. S. K. Verma, on the spiritual and medicinal plant Semal, was released by the Chief Guest.

Towards Total Unification-A new Approach to Matter & Consciousness
Prof. A. K. Bhaskar: Magadh University, Patna

Summary of his abstract

Today theoretical physicists are pushing physics beyond cosmology and trying nature’s extreme scales together, searching for an ultimate unified theory encompassing the universe and its evolution, the fundamental constituents of the matter and their interactions, their transformations, and their interactions. Microvita are subtle units that create form, are instrumental in emanating life and are responsible for various processes and activities in the universe.

Microvita and the Mind-Body Problem

Dr. H.J. Rudolph: Microvita Research e.V., Germany

Summary of his abstract

A mathematical model of microvita was presented, comprising a complex 4 x 4 x 4 tensor, processing three matrices: two matrices containing space-time coordinates and polar qualities, each real (1) and imaginary (2), as well as a ‘core’ matrix (3), supplying the initial energy. The new model was discussed in the context of eastern and western philosophy.

Mysterious World of Microvita – The Path of Human Welfare

Dr. S. K. Verma: RNT Medical College, Udaipur, India

Summary of his abstract

The coming age will be the age of microvita in which many, if not all, branches of science will be modified according to Microvita science. The formulae of chemistry will be changed. Pharmacy will inculcate microvita science to produce better and effective medicines. So, when the mystery of microvita science will unveil, it will lead to a better utilization of science for the welfare of human beings.

Bipolarity, Microvita, Evolution

H.C. de Weijer: NERI, Sweden

Summary of his abstract

Microvita form a mirror symmetry with mass. In the course of evolution they creatively catalyze all primary and complex forms, while recognizing the mechanical properties of matter and, in a sea of randomness, are responsible for intelligent interaction, cooperation, increasing complexity and subtlety. This new science will lead to a new paradigm.

Fundamental Questions and Subtle Science

Prof. U. Pati: Jawaharlal University, New Delhi

Summary of his abstract

Western thought fundamentally dealt with Matter as primary, whereas Indian thought since Upanishad era considered Consciousness as primary. Scientists like Max Plank and Sewel Wright regarded consciousness as non derivative of energy. In an unusually new approach P. R. Sarkar, although he accepted the old Upanishadic wisdom, has included the innovative term ‘microvita’ into the domain in order to explain universal phenomena both at micro and macro level.