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Spring 2012

The Prama Institute’s Center of Neohumanist Studies (CNS) continues to grow in the direction of creating more of its own programs while continuing to attract a large repeat rental business from the yoga community.

Additions to our own programs include the construction of a new Wellness Center that is a part of a global network of Ananda Marga Wellness Centers that started in the Philippines under the direction of Dada Dharmavedananda. This new Wellness Center opening in June of 2012 will include residential programs for individuals interested in holistic life style changes that include changes in their diet and detoxification of body and mind through the practices of fasting, steam baths, mud baths, asanas, meditation, chanting, journaling, hikes and seminars on nutrition and meditation. Clients for this new Wellness Center will be able to come for individually designed residential programs to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Upcoming program: Yoga Detox and Rejuvenation Retreat, with Dada Dharmavedananda and Ramesh Bjonnes.
June 11-17, 2012.

Another new Prama Institute program is Yummy Yoga, which combines yoga practice with learning about gourmet vegetarian cuisine from our stellar cooks. The other popular program we offer repeatedly is the Yoga of Silence which has the profound effect of helping individuals conquer the monkey mind and reveal their inner most passions and break the chains of old attachments.

There are a large number of yoga groups, yoga therapy organizations, healers, and community activist groups that continue to return yearly to an environment and staff at Prama that they have grown to love because we share the same aspirations of service to the community and spiritual advancement. Some of these people have been instructed in Ananda Marga meditation while at Prama and return often for further lessons. Those who live locally attend ongoing meditation classes run by the Prama Institute staff.

This year along with expansion of programs we want to attract families and individuals who can contribute to our community and Prama Institute as a place to live and work.

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